How to Get Dressed at a Christening

How to dress at a christening? Being a day party has lower protocol standards than night events. Take note of the styling tips of our Personal Shopper.

Styling Tips on How to Dress for a Christening

At a baptism we can come with simpler garments and lighter colors, even in winter if we combine with dark ones.

We will avoid the very ostentatious and shiny fabrics, it is not advisable to use a lot of precious stones or jewels.

Godparents and parents themselves can afford to go a little more ostentatious than the rest of the guests, and choose with a fabric more than shine according to cancermatters.

Choose a christening dress according to your body

Necklines. The V-neck conceal and neutralize the neckline when we have a lot of weight, in case of little chest would avoid or use V-neck with some volume with pleats, gatherings, ruffles or bows. The strapless neckline and heart are for women of normal chest, neither much nor little.

Mangas. Sleeveless dresses for what powers the shoulder, if you do not like shoulders or arms it is better to wear sleeves, the three quarters favor more than the long sleeve.Rounded shoulders are to hide people with a lot of shoulder.

Colors. The bright and bright colors are only suitable for thin people. But it is better to use them only in the details and complements. The dark and matte colors conceal the volume and the extra kilos.

For a christening And if you do not want to go with a dress you can opt for a trouser suit. That yes you choose a more fall pants that is more elegant, if we have a hip it is better to be as straight as possible to put on high heels and stylize the legs, if we have little hip no matter that it is narrower.

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