How to Get Dressed as a Bridesmaid

Are you going to be the wedding godmother? The designer Isabel Zapardiez gives you the style rules to go perfect for the big occasion.

After the bride and groom, the wedding godmother plays a very important role and will be thecenter of all eyes. The godmothers have infinite possibilities to dress but there are certainrules that must follow and that are marked by the type of ceremony: day or evening, civil or religious… Discretion will be the best ally, the key will be elegant and special But without eccentricities according to aparentingblog.

The godmothers are the only ones who in a ceremony of noon can choose to go long, in case they opt for the short the other guests should always go short. Yes In daytime weddings, a showy headdress or a pamela will be the star complements, as long as it is not overloaded not to remove protagonism to the rest of the set. At weddings in the afternoon the designer advises betting on an elegant dress as special as the occasion deserves.

Colors. The white is reserved for the bride and all its shades as beige clear that can be confused not to eclipse the protagonist. Except white and black, a pearl gray or silver, turquoise green, lilac, violet or even red passion are successful. The godmother can choose the color that best suits her.

Fabrics. For this special occasion, the designer is committed to natural fabrics, high-end silks, hand embroidery or French chantilly lace.

Shapes. Although all forms are allowed, you must take into account the anatomy of the godmother to choose the model that best suits her. It is important to highlight the parts of which you feel more secure, but following the protocol that does not advise excessive necklines but does allow, for example, a neckline in the back, as long as it is not exaggerated. A detail that will take care especially in religious weddings at the time of the ceremony, you can wear a dress somewhat cut but covered with a jacket or shawl that can be removed at the party later.

Here are some looks to be the perfect bridesmaid at the wedding seen at Pinterest.