How to Dress Vintage

With the series of fashion Time between seams, adaptation of the novel María Dueñas, and which I declare ardent follower, to many of us would like to get the modelazos appearing in the TV series, and dress how from the time. Obviously, I do not dare to so go out today; However, if I kill this bug with some selected vintage style clothing.
The retro is fashionable among the youth. To my love, but you have to admit that when you have an old, retro we can become “grannies”. To avoid this extra sum of years and give us a whim vintage, there is a magical and simple formula: the fusion of styles.
I.e., you have to be able know to introduce a former garment in a modern look ; and above all, do not overload with parts total retro. For example, if we have a blouse of lace, pin tuck, the pure s m embroidery style Miss Rottenmeier, it is best to wear it with jeans or a skirt of leather, with a classic straight black skirt. The key is to combine these items with other diametrically opposed.
We can have this kind of ancient clothing of our mothers when we were young, of the year of the tana or you have purchased it in a secondhand store, or is new but it has style vintage. And of course, there is that losing the fear of this clothing and style. And if not, look at these proposals, see what you think and if you have convinced, or at least give you ideas 🙂
#Estilo 70s
To combine a dress type 70’s like this that I show you, we can cushion its antique look with a scarf or pasmina that is oversized. Anyway, if you are still seeing you still old, always you can accompany him a cardigan that is long to cover it over. As for footwear, it must also choose modern models, trying to that she is they wouldn’t see at that time, such as a pair of riding boots. And so, with the bag, as this model type punkchains. As you can see, this is what the equestrian boots, it is, mix or blend styles, such as the vintage dress, the camper or country of the cardigan, bag punk…

Dress of chiffon from Asos: €105,35

Foulard of moles from Uterqüe: €79.95 €49,95

Topshop Cardigan : €55 €32

Nine Westboots: €89,67

Shoulder bag from Zara: €139 €89.99

#Estilo 50s
Another example I show you here is this blouse dots style 50’s. As you can see I decided to supplement this with this quilted skirt, a model seen much in the 90s, and that has been one of the big trends for this autumn-winter. Shoes, animal print, carry the metallic tip, a footwear also cutting edge. To put on warmer clothes, a jacket denim as a counterpoint. And for the bag, this time, I think that the set asks one more element of style retro, in order to save a little harmony. In the above example of the 70’s, I also got this linearity with the design of the dress, kind folk, and the long cardigan.

The cloud vintageblouse: €12

Padded and zippers of Vero Modaskirt: €39,95

Denim jacket of Diesel: €210,69

Michael Korsdancers: €160

Bag Paula Alonso: €49 €35

I am aware that, with our age carry vintage clothing can be difficult, but not impossible!
See you tomorrow!!