How to Dress for a Wedding Day

Basic styling tips to attend as a guest at a day wedding. Take note!

We discover what you feel best according to your age and body type. Take advice from ourPersonal Shopper.

Basic Tips for a Day Wedding

There are some dress code or dress code to go to a wedding day.

Gloves : Better not to wear them. They are for long dresses and at night.

Brimmed hats and headdresses : can be used throughout the ceremony.

White color: It is not advised to wear it, it is the color of the bride’s dress.

Black color: Best for evening dresses according to businessjust.

Length for the madrinas: It is recommended as much the length by the ankle.

Choose dress according to age and body type

To get the look for a wedding day, consider your age and body shape.

Mature Women

Women with curves: The three-piece dress help a lot to disguise roundings. The U- neckdisguises the volume of the chest, but if you do not want to make it look smaller, you can include rhinestones in the area. Straps are the ideal choice for women who do not want to expose all that part of the body. A matching jacket will also help cover the waist volumes.

More Stylized Women: Dresses tailored to the figure are perfect for slender women. In thin women with shoulders wider than your hip, it is highly advisable to bring your shoulders to the air and add volume to the bottom of the dress.

Young women

Women with curves : Choose a dress whose cut is under the chest, this will help hide the abdominal area. Also, if you have flight and its color is dark, it will reduce even more the sensation of volume. If you have very little chest and want to increase it visually, use some kind of round neckline.

More Stylized Women: Choose a dress with the cut at the waist. If you want to widen your hip a little, look for a dress with some kind of crease in that area. In addition, if you are a woman with small or medium-sized breast, keep in mind that the strapless neckline is precious.

Accessories for a wedding day

If the dress is smooth, the complements have to be more flashy. Use color contrast.

If the dress is more daring , we will use only plain accessories, so as not to saturate the whole.

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