How to Create Stylish Looks with Double Denim?

The double denim is the new streetstyle hit that steals the scene. And we tired of seeing the most coveted celebrities come out in audacious clicks with the look. In this next season, you can bet strong on the combination, because it will be another trend that will not leave you in the hand. You can use it on any occasion!

And to give you that little hand, theMakeupExplorer will separate some cool tips from how to create incredible productions with the combo double denim. Let’s check it out?

5 Tips To Mount Double Denim Look Like The Famous

1-Bet On White Jeans

You did not forget the white jeans, did you? It will still be heavily used this winter.An interesting tip is to combine a strategically destroyed jeans on the knee and a denim shirt with a very light wash.

You can tie the ends of the shirt to give that charm. Finalize with a black shoulder bag and a white or black low shoe.

2-Remember The Mixture Of Washes

Another thing that makes the combination very cool is to combine different and contrasting washes. For a night look, for example, you can bet on a skinny jeans with a very dark wash and a jeans shirt with super clear wash.

It is better that both pieces have no detail whatsoever. And to close the combination, bet on shoes and purses of the same color, caramel, wine, red or black.

3-Customization Mix

For more stripped looks, bet on the mix of items and details. You can choose a jeans with lightly destroyed details and a jeans jacket with patches or embroidery.

But it is important that both have the same shade of wash, otherwise leave the look with a lot of information.

4-All Denim With Third Piece

The combo jeans all look stylish when combined with a bold third piece, for example: You can choose a skinny jeans + jeans shirt and close with a jacket or blazer in the caramel color.

To give this cool contrast, you need to have the two jeans pieces of the same hue.The coat needs to have a stronger color like caramel, brown, wine, black or any other color of your preference.

5-Above All And Bota Over The Knee

Fatal combo you need to wager this winter. Just combine a shredded jeans skirt+jeans shirt and complete the look with a black overcoat overcoat and boot.

In this case, the two pieces also need to be of the same hue. You can also change your jeans skirt into a stylish pair of jeans, what do you think?