How to Combine Roman Sandals

In response to the request of Cristineta, today do a post dedicated to the possible combinations with Roman sandals. This type of footwear carries several summers in fashion, but this summer is going to be the boom. Theand are mostly in shades of gold or silver, but also in leather and black. I have seen that theand are on sale at Zara and H & M.

The Roman sandals and sandals Gladiator can be with almost everything. Are comfortable, sophisticated, and theand are worth as much to go casual as to be smarter. Let’s review your chances of more less-elegant.

Theand are great with the long dresses and sheer hippie style, with floral prints or bright colors. For the night are a good option if you don’t want to wear high heels.

It must be borne in mind that optically shorten the leg, so with skirt miniskirt or short stay better have the heel. That Yes, a Kate Moss and a Sienna Miller theand are perfect with a little black dress, but they can afford anything. By the way, one more example that Sienna calca many looks of Kate.

Day, going well with skinny or type harem pants that conform in the ankles. But the length of the pants should allow sandals is well, i.e., it has to be short. With the beautiful is a shame cover them. There are even famous sandals that tied over trousers. Gwyneth Paltrow It shows that he is a very smart choice.

And finally, are also very well with the broken jeans shorts that much you are this year. Along with a t-shirt of straps, in the style of Mischa Barton, theand are the perfect uniform for the warmer days.

As you can see, the possibilities are nearly endless, so if you already have a few Roman sandals, get you out! and if you’re still yours, what are you waiting for?.