How to Clean Your Leather Boots and Leave Them As New

Some small tips to make them well clean!

Have how many times have you wondered How to clean leather boots? And how many have decided not to buy them to your children because you were not sure how to clean them? Sure some other time. Therefore, today we bring you some tips for cleaning leather boots without fear that our children play, run and dirty with them.

Put in practice these little tricks for your boots and your children and they will endure much longer than you had imagined.

How to clean leather boots in a simple way

What beautiful are the boots of leather or skin and how well you feel our children, right? It’s a kind of boots girl and child which must always be taken in the closet of the kids, especially in autumn and winter. And it is that if you buy good quality leather boots, they are a perfect insulation from the cold.

In addition, skin makes us get stylish looks, both moms and kids. That Yes, if we want to maintain that elegance, it is essential that we know How to clean leather shoes and boots. Let’s look at how to do this in 3 easy steps!

  1. The first thing we have to do to clean leather boots is to remove the dirt. To do this, we use a dry cloth or a brush of soft bristles to remove the most and then with a well wrung damp cloth, clean the surface of the boot of the remains remaining. Either way, before continuing with the next step, we will have to leave them to dry well.
  2. The next step to learn How to clean leather boots or leather and leave them as new is to hydrate them. To do this, we will need a colourless cream and neutral or if you need to repair some friction, we will use a neutral cream for the skin color of the shoe that we apply on the girl or boy.
  3. Finally, we rub with a cotton cloth or a soft for all boot-bristled brush until it recovers the natural shine.

Clear How to clean leather bootsdid you? That is very simple?

Some recommendations

Skin is a very delicate and, as such, it is essential that we clean it and take care of properly. When it boots child and child care are still more important. We all know how end kids shoes when they begin to walk and run! So, the more we care for them, they will most endure.

In this sense, the most important is to keep your skin hydrated. Therefore, we recommend to perform this process every two weeks approximately, you don’t wait to boots to crack!

One of the problems that typically arise when cleaning leather boots is that we always end up smearing us more than what we would like to. Hence, whenever you go to perform this task, you do it in a place that you have previously prepared. For example, you can place an old old newspaper open on a table and clean the boots on it. Also, we suggest you put a hand on a boot and clean it with the other hand, for a greater grip. If you also use latex gloves in this process, almost certainly you do not mancharás.

Other ways to clean boots for girl and boy

To learn How to clean boots, it is essential for us to know the material of which they are made. Thus, it is not the same clean suede boots to clean waterproof boots. Each material requires some care specific, as you have mentioned in the past in Pisamonas. Insurance that no one passed by the head clean rubber than a skin boots in the same way, but doubts can arise when it comes to similar materials.

Therefore, we recommend that before buying a pair of boots for girl or boy, you sure material which they are made. Thus, when it comes to clean and protect them not you’ll get no disgust.

In our online shoe store you will always find boots for you and your children of first quality. So at all times, you know what they are buying, we try to complete the most tabs of each product. If you still have doubts about the material of our boots and shoes kids, we are at your disposal! We will be happy to answer all your questions!