How to Choose Your Bras

The selected wrong bra can seriously spoil the impression of even the most stunning and modern toilet. Therefore, those who believe that underwear is a minor part of the wardrobe them just because it is not visible (which, in fact, not always the case) must revise their opinion.
Uncomfortable bra can cause you more problems it may feel uncomfortable with it. It has long been known that casual selection of that piece of clothing can cause the development of certain diseases of the mammary gland.

According to statistics, more than 70% of women make mistakes in the selection of the bra. But why is that? Many of them are guided in their choice of already established habits and continue to buy the same model and size as before 5 or even 10 years. Great is the number of “victims” who can not resist the temptation to acquire new beautiful set of underwear. But when you wear at home, it turns out that it was not their standing as the model of the advertising poster.

The main mistake that most women is the discrepancy in the size of the bra in the shape and size of their breasts. And it is a fact though that information about them is available and detailed on the label of each bra. It is important to understand how “works” ratio parameters chest circumference and volume of the cup. One of the most common mistakes, for example, is the “underestimation” of their volumes, because women do not pay attention to the size of the bust brought to bear on the label.
If you’re not sure which is the best for you size bra offer easy and quick way to solve this problem. We only need to measure your chest and podgradnata their laps and compare the results with the following table.

When choosing a bra, pay attention to the following criteria:

1. The central part must be tightly clings to the body.

2. The bottom of the cup should tightly cover the breast and to adhere to the ribs.

3. Breasts should “lie” in the cup comfortable to not go beyond the cup parts according to Braclassified.

4. Underwear must follow the natural contours of your body.

5. The upper part of the cup must not project. In no case should a gap between it and your breasts.
Do not forget the back:

The shoulder straps should be parallel or form a soft V-shaped line and not flown into your flesh. 7. The bra should follow the line of your chest circumference, rather than upward. 8. The fabric convenient to adhere to back, but without cuts therein.
When you try a new bra, remember the following:

1. Start with straps – first shorten the maximum, and then when you have already placed and fastened bra, start them til buckle not stand in the right place at the back. Remember that the bra should follow your chest Tour!

2. clasp should be such that you feel comfortable and secure, no matter whether you fasten the bra the first or last hook.

3. It is important to make sure that the cup cover your breasts perfectly. If you miss this important point, the likelihood of your purchase you pleasure in the future is extremely small.