How to Choose the School Backpack

Away the days left in which children went to school with portfolio. Today, backpacks have emerged as an accessory indispensable and necessary but do not exempt school of inflicting back pain if a proper use is not. The comfort, health and aesthetics are compatible? How do you choose a backpack? Do better the backpacks with two handles, one or cart?

An ergonomic backpack is the perfect ally to prevent muscle contractures, injury and back pain. Review recommendations for choosing your child’s backpack and that his back will not suffer with the back to school.

1. light, to keep weight in check

Often how much more space is taken into the backpack, most tend to charge of unnecessary things, so it is preferable that the backpack capacity is limited. The Spanish Association for childhood products recommended that the weight of the backpack does not exceed between 10% and 15% of the weight of the child. Thus, for example, for the children of 30 kilos backpack should weigh as maximum of 3 to 4.5 kg; and for the children of 40, no more than 4 to 6.

Download weight to schoolchildren through also let what will not need during the day at home or at school. And it is that, to prevent back pain, the Kovacs Foundation, the Institute of medical research on disorders of the neck and back, calls for the installation of lockers at school, split each textbook in volumes or use electronic media as tablets to avoid loading unnecessary weight.

2. a backpack with compartments

Backpacks with compartments are a classic. There are spaces determined for mobile, laptop… and even for pencils, Eraser and the Sharpener! A daypack with compartments can help a child keep the school supplies in order and the health of your back will not suffer. The key is to use the most appropriate compartment for each object according to its weight and size. In this way if the child has to lean forward to avoid going back to by a poor distribution of school materials, you can develop a problem of kyphosis, for example.

Thus, it is advisable to choose a backpack with rear compartment near the back where to place the largest and heaviest. In addition, should ensure that this compartment has a velcro strap to secure the content and avoid that move and the backpack has a base tilted and protected to ensure the correct distribution of weight.

3. the backpacks with wheels

Backpacks with wheels are an option to not load the back too. However, there are experts who advise against them, since you can favor a lateral movement of the spine which increases the risk of muscle overload. When opt for one or the other, it must take into account the characteristics of the journey to school, since in uneven terrain can be uncomfortable and catch them arm upwards to up and down stairs may result in injury.

In the case of choosing a backpack of cart, should make sure that the child change regularly arm so your muscles work equally and that the backpack handle is long enough or height adjustable so that it adapts to the child’s height and avoid having to bend the body.

4. the back and handles

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) recommended to choose a backpack with handles wide, since they help to distribute the weight, and padded (and back) to prevent back pain. Handles must be power adjusted to make the backpack cinched at the back. And it is that the backpack should not be neither very high nor very low, but supported in the lumbar area.

In addition, a backpack with straps to fit at the waist and chest will help your child to better bear the weight. If your child insists on a backpack of a single handle, make sure that it put her cross to better distribute the weight.

5. the sport as an ally to prevent back pain

One of the best guidelines to have a proper and strengthened muscles is to practice regular physical exercise. In principle, it is worth any sport, although most recommended are the sports that have a symmetrical action on the body, such as swimming. And it is that sport at least twice a week to prevent back pain and if it appears, helps to be of short duration and have less impact on the daily activity.

6. respect the personality of the child

And no point in that backpack meets all recommendations for health if the child does not like, and you have to use during the school year and has to promote its personality. Increasingly more firms join fashion colors or favorite musical groups of children without leaving aside guidelines that matter for your health. Ponte in accordance with your son when choosing your backpack for back to school!