How To Choose The Right Bra

Did you know that 80% of women do not know what your correct bra size? If you don’t use the correct bra your breasts tend to be flabby and fall over time. It is important to first know your size so you can find a model that provides you the best support.

The contour of the breast is indicated in numbers and the size of the breast is the Cup, indicated by letters. Among smaller smaller number and the letter, is the BRA. If you can’t find the size you look good, choose the largest between the two that best fit you. The BRA has brackets on the back for better fit.

Breast size changes with age by what will not always use the same bra size. Check to make sure that you are using the proper eventually.

These are the types and designs of common fasteners:

Classic or underwired bra: gives you safety, comfort and support for any type of sine.

Bra without rings: is more elegant and comfortable. It also adapts to any chest.

The balconnet: her great cleavage leaves bare the upper part of the chest and enhance small breasts.

Cross back bra: this is a good choice for sports. It has elastic bands under the breasts for more support.

Triangle: is ideal for small breasts and filiform silhouettes.

Push-up Bra: It has a fill that enhances the breasts.

Bra reducer: is ideal for large busts since it wraps the breasts and adjusts them without compressing them.

Prevents the tissues that can stretch much, as the Lycra and elastic. The straps should not press shoulders and rings should not bother. For sports, opt for special bras. Choose well your bra and wears a sexy bust.