How to Choose the Ideal Breastfeeding Bra

Breast changes are one of the first signs that a woman’s body is generating a baby.

They become more sensitive from the start, increase in size and, after the child is born, they need all the attention and care so that breastfeeding is properly exercised and the pain is the least possible.

The choice of a nursing bra becomes, then, important piece to guarantee the tranquility of the mother after the arrival of the baby. It is important that the choice be made before the baby is born and calmly.

Characterized by the frontal opening only in the region of the breasts, the bra for breastfeeding is indispensable for the postpartum period to ensure the support of the breasts and the comfort in that special moment.

To choose the best model, check out our tips:

  • Remember that your breasts have grown and should increase even more after the baby’s birth. So choose a model up to twice the number you used to use before pregnancy.
  • Avoid bulging items and give preference to cotton ones. And the reason is the same: in addition to the breast milk that will invariably leak, the breast will perspire. The bump makes it difficult to get out of this sweat and the cotton is more apt to help you have no skin irritations.
  • Escape the models that have rim: they can help to cause mastitis, better known as the sinus pits.
  • The breastfeeding opening should be easy to use with only one hand. You will certainly have a baby in your arms, and at that moment all ease is very welcome.
  • Choose neutral colors such as white, beige and black. You will wear these bras only when you are breastfeeding, so choose colors that can be worn with all the clothes you will wear at this stage.
  • A good nursing bra supports the breasts even when the front opening is being used. In addition to making closure easier, comfort is much greater.
  • Swim-type bras (closed on the back) usually offer greater support not only for the breasts, but also for the back, which are very sensitive at this stage. In addition, they ensure greater comfort at bedtime.
  • Have a breastfeeding bra in the drawer, one in the laundry room and another being used by you, at the very least.

Finally, research models and prices, since the market has pieces ranging from $ 10.00 to the limit of your imagination!