How to Choose Lingerie for Chubby Women

Nowadays, fortunately fashion plus size is investing more and more in beautiful pieces and full of details that value the female body.

How to Choose Lingerie for Chubby Women

In the case of lingerie, one of the main difficulties for women was to find pieces that combined comfort and sensuality. But this is starting to change and new models are gaining space in the market and closet, giving an air of renewal and modernity in lingerie for chubby !

With the great expansion of plus size fashion, the options for chubby women become more diversified every day. At present, clothing for the segment can already be easily found and can be found in department store macaws, but when it comes to lingerie for chubby lingerie, the changes are just beginning in Brazil.

The old beige and basic models of lingerie are still the most well known of women who wear larger mannequins because for a long time the intimate fashion industry instituted style as the standard to be worn. However, the brands have realized that this special niche also wants products that provide, in addition to the needs of comfort and comfort, satisfaction with beautiful and sexy pieces.



Basically, one of the differentials of lingerie pieces for chubby women should take into account the pattern. So, for bras, the best models and the best options are those that present with a strip of fabric below the rim, thinking well of women with full breasts.

This strip of fabric ensures even more safety and support for the breasts. Even so, the piece is still very delicate, lacy, and very charming. The same happens with the choice of the corset and body, both with firm fabric that values ​​the silhouette, but with the income giving the special touch.

In order to enhance the breasts, the firmness of the bras is also important in choosing a lingerie for chubby. Therefore, a firm, structured bra with bulge, reinforced rim, side and wide straps ensures more support, safety and makes the neck much more beautiful. And it is this confidence that makes the woman more sensual. She feels powerful.


In order to disguise the belly, when choosing the lingerie for the panties, the best indication is the hot pant.

Hot pant is a beautiful and sensual piece, because it refers to the look of the pin-ups and is a model that marks the waist well, as well as soften the tummy.


Most chubby women have already had a hard time buying lingerie so many have always wanted to wear a sexy, lacy thong, pretty, that would leave my butt exposed but comfortable and cover the front well, finding this is very rare!

The lingerie is nothing more than a complement, but it can exert a strong influence on self-esteem. The best tip for this case is for the woman, in the first place, to love herself.


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