How to Choose Golf Shoes

How Should We Choose Golf Shoes

In an 18-hole course you can walk up to 10 km passing through tall grass, sand, bushes… To make good swings and enjoy the game, you must feel comfortable with your shoes, today in our golf course Decathlon blog we will see a series of tips for choosing golf shoes.

How to Choose Golf Shoes 1

A few good golf shoes, are essential in order to enjoy our favourite sport. The vast majority of golfers play golf walk and Inesis has not repaired in expenses to ensure that players play comfortable and your shoes to help them play better golf.

How to Choose Golf Shoes

The sole, instep, tacos, tightness, tissue, lightness, golf today’s shoes are one more tool to improve our game.

When choosing golf shoes must see that we need: A shoe for all weather conditions? Light? No tacos? Waterproof? You can find these options in the golf of your Decathlon store section.

How to Choose Golf Shoes 2

Shoes With Heels Bring You Stability And Can Give You A Grip In The Swing Plus.

Inesis Grip Lite shoes, They are comfortable shoes, with an optimal grip and waterproof. With a sole 7 tacos and multiple tips, this golf shoe offering agrip ideal during the swing. This shoe has been tested for waterproofness (8000 push-ups in a water bath) to test its ability to withstand wet conditions, so you can play with this shoe all year and under all weather conditions.

How to Choose Golf Shoes 3

While the shoes without studs, are soled shoes flat and lighter. Being shoes ideal for the famous hole 19 or throwing snowballs on the field of practices as well as play. The only concern that existed with these shoes was possible wear of the sole of rubber with time, but the development of new technologies for the soles, make these endure throughout the life of the shoe.

Shoes without studs or spikeless, represented only 10% of the golf shoes two years ago. To this day, they are 40%-50%, half. Shoes without studs have come to stay. A reason why some golfers prefer to wear shoes without studs or spikeless, in addition to their versatility and lightness, are own tacos. Be many golfers uncomfortable to play golf with tacos, especially in very hard terrain. Another reason is the change the plugs of the shoes once they have worn.

Shoes Spikeless Inesis 100, they are our model without plugs. A shoe light, pearling, available in various colors and 100% versatile. With them you can play on dry or slightly moist, land give balls on the driving range or simply going out with them.

Another novelty in golf footwear has to do with the loop. The vast majority of players still use golf lace-up shoes, but in recent years have appeared new models of shoes as the Inesis 920 fast lacing system.

his golf shoe is equipped with a system of quick loop where you move the wheel and adapt with precision fit to have a perfect grip throughout the tour.

I hope that this information helps you to choose golf shoes. Choose the best type of shoes according to your needs at an affordable price!