How to Choose a Nightgown

Night shirt – it’s not just clothes at home, it’s kind of attractive underwear that can tell a lot about a woman talking about her temperament. Currently, the choice of night shirts for women is very diverse, which allows us to look great, even during sleep, it helps you feel comfortable and at the same time tempting.

Styles Night Shirts for Women

A woman with any figure and requirements for this type of clothing can easily select as many models today are:

  • The most popular are long nightgowns floor. They feminine looks correct figure, hiding flaws. In addition, some models, such as high slits on the side or front, make the image very sexy. For example, transparent gown perfect for a romantic evening and night with her ​​lover.
  • Short nightgown always current. Those who yearn for a passionate night suit, silk combination of straps with lace for girls appreciate convenience, manufacturers produce cotton, rayon shirt for lovers of elegance – beautiful lawn products.
  • Style “baby doll”, literally means “baby” will delight young girls. These shirts have a minimum length and richly decorated with various ribbons, flowers.
  • Well functional night-shirts with sleeves. They are suitable not only for those women who like warm clothing, but also those who like elegant things. Slim, lightweight shirts with long sleeves stylish appearance that sit in the figure, creating a soft cloud to bed without sheets or cold drafts from windows.

How to choose?
A woman in a nightgown should not be as tired, neglected housewife, she must embody the image of the mother, groomed and cherished wife or girlfriend. Even if you have not yet, to whom this underwear, you still have to keep the bar high, just because you – pregnant woman.
First, it is desirable night shirt is made of natural materials. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the figure:

  • Skinny girls with boyish silhouette should prefer a closed style, adorned with ruffles and pleats visual breast enlargement and smoothing the angular position of the shoulders;
  • Low and chunky modern women should avoid long models, ideally opt for medium length jacket;
  • Skater slender beauty will look impressive in low-necked short and long shirts;
  • Nightie for overweight women have to hide flaws, but that does not mean that it should be long – many baby doll can sit on neat pыshechkah, giving them even more charm and grace.

It is important to take a nightgown in size but in no case obtyah, because, first, it should help to ensure that the body is rested.

Calm, pastel colors always valued and still sought after producers and buyers. But recently, one of the trends is the use of night shirts of bright juicy tissues. Designers offer in its collections shirts for obese women and lean red, dark blue, emerald, silver, and combinations of these colors.
Remember that the color of cotton or silk long or short nightgowns can unleash your sensuality is not less than its model. And more importantly, be confident in its appeal – then sleep will be quiet.