How to Be Cute in Pajamas

Woman at home and in the workplace – these are two different people. If the office must exercise more stringent and business functions, at home you can afford to relax and become tender guardian of the hearth. So ladies pajamas home just designed to give comfort.

Night Pajamas: Selection Criteria

Modern market for home textiles offers a very wide range to suit every pocket and is able to satisfy even the most trebovatelynuyu pokupatelynitsu. But not every ponravivshayasya model worthy of your attention. To acquire the “right” and comfortable thing, note the following parameters:

  • Feel the fabric and read about yarlыchke – a product of synthetics is worth inexpensive, but does not give the body to breathe during sleep, so that irritation or even allergies are possible;
  • if you discovered product of cotton, carefully look at the structure of the fabric of light: high quality cotton fiber flat and has no other stamps, otherwise this thing will just briefly;
  • sometimes producer consciously apply tissues containing synthetics to extend the life of things, but all information must be indicated on the label and the contents of synthetic fibers should not exceed 20%;
  • must immediately try several different models and spend a little charge primerochnoy: Crouch and pomashite hands to make sure in udobnosti selected Faso;
  • all models with a lot of lace, stripes or other items intended for summer defile one apartment and sleep in them is not recommended.

Women Pajamas: What Style do You Prefer?

You will agree that in pajamas somehow can judge the character of the woman. In shops for home textiles has a variety of options. There are entire sets pajamas bathrobes. Incidentally, they are very comfortable that once you sleep only nakidыvaete clothing and, if necessary, are ready to sudden appearance of guests. Most often, such kits are made of fine knitting. Consider a few models pajamas and night benefits.

  • Silk pajamas. Search today silk products need only pro shop. From “stronger” brand name, the higher the price. For summer it is better to prefer complete by topa and wide pants. And here in winter it is preferable, dressed in a classic set of slacks and shirts.There are models where instead shirt – jacket extended belt. Such silk pajamas for the day.
  • In summer it is very good to sleep in fine knitted cotton or kits, consisting of T-shirts and shorts. The deeper neckline and freestyle, the more comfortable he will sleep. The tips may be of smell with thin bretelyami or in the form of sleeveless. The lower part can be quite short, and there are models or Capri pants length to mid-calf.
  • Night flannel pajamas for the cold winters. The fabric is very comfortable and pleasant for the body. If you constantly freeze, it’s your pajamas. Yes and cloth more hygienic than synthetic products.
  • Model with multiple ryushey and jewelry attract attention, but to sleep in them uncomfortable. This option is suitable home instead of a suit. Incidentally, excessive decor can be a sign of low quality sewing or fabric itself. This type of kit is due to the different models funny funny prints and inscriptions. For them, the manufacturers are trying to shoddy products.
  • The most expensive of today seamless patterns. Such products can afford only brands with a reputation, so the quality of products at the highest level.