Honey Jeans

Sometimes the dark, warm, muted earth tones, who know me as the autumn color type, are simply too heavy to me. Then need some lighter, for example, in soft shades of white, some bright red or even something in blue. In blue, I’ll then prefer to Petrolblau – in the shirt (Gerry Weber) to see here – or to see bright Jeansblau – here in the corduroy Blazer (Gerry Weber) and jeans (Mac).

To do so, I combine then always as warm colors, here I’ve chosen honey yellow. The cuffs and the scarf (invero) I am very happy. Just on trips where you previously not sure it gets as windy or warm, they are a good companion. In this case, I like also like that reflected the honey yellow in the small pattern of the shirt. Otherwise you can see even the new ankle boots by DUO, which well register, and the very beloved bag of love child.

Lust has made alias the fashion Whisperer me Stephanie on an outfit with yellow their collective contribution to yellow outfits . It is always nice to be inspired. Although my today’s post to their tips would fit how you combine colors can unrelated one – in my case blue. To do this I have ever written anything in the article honey blue and there use the same scarf as it is today.

Itself I am also rather dark blue jeans, to look narrower, but this summer I have pleasure just once again on a lighter and glad to have found this one that matches color also still well to the Blazer. I wear them so much that I just 5 days in a row had on them. There is not a better character for a good buy or? The beauty is that it stays on top after several days without any belt and still sits at the Po instead of to hang the jeans also. Okay, she’s a total slightly dilated, as you can see in the photos, but I can live well. After the trip, she was allowed but in the laundry.

Because the outfit for a beautiful spring day in Timmendorfer Beach on the Baltic Sea, you must be a little jealous of the weather, wind and waves. For this I’ve lost in the mini golf… you can’t have everything. And I ask myself: how is this sand rose got there and why? Mysterious things we will never know…

Jeans blue fits A2zgov with Blue month at the action, so I fill it in there in the collage. Tomorrow we continue the action with white and also the white week, which starts on Monday to match.

What is the color you wear, although it is not ideal for you close to the face, with you and how you combine them?