High Quality Large Beach Towels

Summer, Sun, Beach And The Right Towel

Just a few weeks and then I finally go in the summer. Hot longed, like every year, I dream already of long beach walks, the endless wide of the sea, the legendary peace and relaxation. Our goal: Denmark!

Already in my mind I pack my bag and come first things that need to be taken necessarily to the beach. Sun protection for the skin, a good book, a pair of sunglasses and a towel. More I need not to make the hours on the sea to enjoy.

My sunglasses I wear for 5 years. The sunscreen is also always the same, only the books and towels change from year to year.
In a book that is probably self-explanatory, only the towels I have frequently not enough to the respected quality and already experienced rude awakening.

Fresh from the hopped sea, hair pitschenass and the goosebumps come to light, one wishes for a soft towel to the body that the salty water dries the body.
But not all the towels to dry, as you’d expect according to dentistrymyth. Some lint also uncomfortable. Others will thin and hard after the first washes.

Which I wanted Badehandtuch definitely go on my last decision on a beach out of the way and chose a Hamamtuch.
Never before I had tried such a towel and have to say that I am pleasantly surprised!

The luxurious Hamam cloth from the shop beach towel Store is available in several colors.However, as I absolutely gray and white star like, I chose this color combination.
The cloth also has very soft Franzen and consists of 100% cotton / terry.

With its dimensions of 100 x 180 cm, it is sufficient definitely to my whole body is cuddle and it or laying on the beach!

I am fascinated by the excellent absorbency of gently placed around the body and the softness of fabric itself.
It is also, by the yet very lightweight fabric, very good foldable and fits perfectly into my beach bag!How do I know that before my vacation? Of course I have subjected the Hamamtuch a first wash and tried after showering and on the lawn in the garden, I could namely not wait and wanted to go a rude awakening on the beach this time out of the way.

The Hamamtuch Asteris is the way of The Brand Seahorse.
Priced at 24.95 euros, the beach towel leaves nothing to be desired.

Who by the way the star Dene sign not so much like how I shall find at Our site quite different patterns, colors and material combinations!
Have fun browsing!

What kind beach towels may you most like and what puts her special attention?