Hats To Make Your Head Up This Summer!

With the sun cracking summer, your head has to be protected. And to do it with style, the cap is an accessory that makes the head of many people! Nowadays it is used by men and women of all ages and styles. But do you know the history of this accessory that became a symbol of youth culture?

The origin of the cap is nebulous, and two “legends” predominate: The first one says that around 1800, an English butcher created a hat with front flap and adjustment at the back. In the other, in 1869 the American baseball team Brooklyn Excelsiors adopted the hat with front flap to protect the eyes of the sun during the games. And it was with baseball players and other athletes that the caps became popular.

Andrade, one of the buyers of the Super 6 “boots numbered, does not dispense the cap

In the 1980s, the cap was adopted as an accessory not only functional but also style, starting with skaters and rappers. And the way of wearing the cap and the prints began to become elements of identification and differentiation between different urban tribes. Use with the flap forwards or backwards, straight or curved flap, hat worn or shining again, trucker style, open or closed at the back … there are many possibilities, making the cap be worn by people of all styles!

If you were a kid in the 90’s, you should remember that it was cool to wear the cap well tucked into the head, almost covering the face, and with the flap as curved as possible, or turned back. Today, the predominant fashion among the kids is the straight flap, starting with those who enjoy rap and funk. These caps can have more vibrant colors and flashy holographic stickers that guarantee the originality of the piece, and the cap becomes more “loose” on the head, and can be used half-way on the side. The trucker style, large and with a screen in the back to improve ventilation, also fell in thanks, especially the most fashionable and modern galley.

Gonzaga, buyer of numbered Super Boot, is also adept at the cap

But the curved brim caps are still there and are very democratic and can be used by people of all styles and ages to wear outdoor, street, beach, swimming pool, club, etc. All you have to do is combine them with shorts, pants Jeans, shirt or polo, along with sneakers or sandals, which has no error.

And if you fear that the cap can contribute to baldness, no need to worry. Staying a lot of time with the covered scalp can help increase hair oiliness and form dandruff, two factors that can cause hair loss, but it is only to let your hair uncovered five minutes every hour when you are wearing the cap, and Remember to dry your hair thoroughly before using the accessory, you will have no problems.

The 2013/2014 Spring / Summer collection from Timberland has some models of our Adventure style caps that you love and that look good on any casual summer look. All are made in Brazil, made in 100% cotton and with exclusive prints. Which one makes the most of your head?

Timberland Under Canvas Cap

Timberland Logo Tree Cap

imberland Patch Cap