Handbags for Winter

“Clutch” is the name of the station, which seem to exits from the collections of the years 1950. Rigid, soft, with small handles or in version “carteirão”, with clasps or envelope form, the clutch is nothing more than a handbag or wallet.

Ultra feminine, luxurious materials, like exotic skins or silk. Until 1920, the women’s handbags were modest bags hanging from a silk cord. Within them, the women carried a handkerchief, a small bottle of Cologne and a few coins.

As the female freedom grew up, increased the requirements to load. Emile Hermès (creator of the Kelly bag) was the one who realized that, in 1930, women already were with their own cigarettes and lighters and created a scholarship that would accommodate these utensils without kneading. The clutch had with the smokers Coco Chanel and Wally Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, the popularity needed to play with total success.

From the years 1950, women began to carry them in a more informal. If formerly the clutches were used only at night, to go to parties more chic as wedding and graduation in the current collections follow until superinformais looks like the jeans.

The current clutches can be strapless with spaghetti straps with long handle for hanging on your shoulder or oversized, which follows the trend of the magnifying lens and can be used at all hours of the day.

Giving a Flash my badge

Give a Flash my badge on your clothes. She is going to sound sophisticated with just a change of accessory:

:: A clutch is the best company for your club, but don’t forget the oversize is a charm during the day.

:: The wallets without handles, although small Add-ons, give a touch of elegance to the set. However, unlike the bags with handles, easy to use, requires some sophistication to be loaded, since it restricts the movements of the hands based on Holidaysort. But do “modelão” with them may seem old and unnatural.

:: festive or embroidered Wallets combine with sophisticated clothes and in leather, fabric or straw with jeans and casual productions.

:: vintage Models. The chairs were very popular in the years 1970 and many women kept the noble leather. Put in use.

:: For the night and parties, prefer smaller models. During the day, the measures should harmonize with the size of the body.

:: essential for social events, such as theater, dinner, wedding or party. Is a charm if used with gloves.

:: Some wallets have removable shoulder straps or chains easy to be removed. These are recommended if dance is part of the program.

:: Use under my arm with naturalness, stuck with his hand cupped, holding on to one end or with both hands in front of the body. The important thing is that there seems to be carrying a hot brick.

:: May or may not match the shoes.

:: With long gown, embroidered or choose cocktail clutch in small size.