Habemus Cover Moschino ‘Made in Spain’, MariA Escote Has La Culpa

So yes, what Moschino started up a walkway that not stopping him nobody. It has become one of the most round businesses for the fashion brands, sold mobile covers (for iPhone, that Yes) as churros and the trend has finally come to Spain. Did the hand of María Escoté and for the new Sony Experia but I’m certainly sure that has come to stay.

The collection of rubber covers, is very María Escoté, flames and fingers showing victory are the most representative elements as well as the black, red and yellow. Covers maxi that remind us a lot by the already famous covers of the teddy bear, potato chips or Moschino Princess mirror Although the national at a much more attractive price. We don’t sell many, but it is sure that it is the beginning of the cases made by patriotic designers. To who you would see Designing covers for your mobile?