Guide To Choosing Fashion And Sportswear

Do not know how to choose sportswear and fashion ? At Lolita Moda, your shop for online branded clothing , we have prepared this guide to help you choose garments to practice your favorite activity with comfort and maximum efficiency. These types of parts require a careful choice of materials and good maintenance to withstand the maximum time.

What kind of sport are you going to practice?

Before starting with the search for sportswear it is crucial that you define the type of activity that you are going to carry out. Cycling, running, yoga, mountaineering or gym routines require different garments adapted to each of the disciplines. Although they share some similarities in quality and materials are not the same.

In general sportswear must have breathable, lightweight and flexible materials that do not slow down the movements. If you practice an outdoor activity such as running or cycling, it is recommended that the garments have stripes of color or are clear so that they are still visible in the dark and avoid accidents on the road.

We share the preferred styles for the most common types of activity:

Exercise in gyms : Synthetic semi-jerseys, preferably sleeveless, pants below the knees.Sport mats are recommended.

Running : Wear athletic pants with flat seams to prevent chafing while running and technical shirts. Lightweight and intelligent fabrics for greater efficiency in the movement. Clothes with a little color to avoid accidents.

Cycling : Slightly loose, lightweight clothing, special fibers, colored stripes on shirt and shorts.

Cardiovascular exercises: Loose and comfortable clothing.

Excursions to mountains: Semi-impermeable clothes, little adjusted, protection in arms and legs to avoid mosquito bites. The same applies to any open field activity.

In any case it is advisable that the clothes to do sports is too tight. If you do not feel comfortable wearing it or tightening it too much, it is best to avoid it.

How to choose sportswear and fashion?

If you already defined the sport you will practice, it is time to know the 6 criteria for choosing sportswear and fashion. Pay attention and you will not only get comfort but also style with your selection of garments.

1- Materials are the most important!

When choosing suitable clothes to do sports there is nothing more important than the fabrics. Its efficiency is what will define comfort when practicing an exercise. Keep in mind if the activity you practice is outdoors or indoors as your home or gym. The clothes should protect you from the weather: the sun, heat or cold.

The important thing is that the fibers do not make you sweat excessively nor are they too heavy. The least recommended material for exercise is cotton, because even though it is very comfortable it is not efficient against perspiration and becomes heavy with sweat.

The ideal materials for sports activity are nylon, wool, microfiber and polypropylene. These are able to repel and evaporate the sweat liquids, in addition they fit to the body and dry more easily.

2- Make a selection of clothes and buy a pair

It is important that you select a ” sports outfit ” so as not to lose you among the number of offers available in the market. Define the favorite garments for your type of activity and body.The most common are long or short sports belts, technical shirts, sports bras, light shirts, gym shorts, special socks, among others.

After locating the garments, check your budget and purchase a pair of each to be able to alternate. You must have at least 3 different sets so you do not wear your clothes so fast. It is an investment that will allow you to keep the pieces in good condition.

If you are going to practice the sport in a professional way be careful with the quality of the tights and shirts. The pants Converse , Puma, Mizuno, Adidas and New Balance are highly efficient and durable.

3- Bring layers of complementary clothing and accessories

In sports activity, common accessories are not recommended as they can break or fall and interfere with activity. But there are technological elements (gadgets) that you can include in your outfit to look more professional. For example, smart bracelets that measure distances traveled, calories and exercise rate. UVE protective lenses, smart watches and more.

Also in some cases it is advisable to wear layers on the clothes to deal with the changing climates in your city, especially before scheduled workouts.

4- Add a touch of color to your sportswear

It is fashionable for sportswear to have a touch of color, stripes or patterned designs . This is a way to wear your clothes with style and highlight in each place, and are advantageous if you practice outdoor activities.

Including shades in your clothes does not mean to overdo it, if you use stamped meshes it is better that the upper garment is monochromatic. Otherwise it will be exaggerated. Many people prefer to wear a monochrome sports set and save the color for the footwear.

5- Try the clothes before buying

The test of fire for sportswear is to test it and know how you fit. If it makes your body look, but you do not feel comfortable it is better not to buy it. However if it meets the criteria of comfort, quality materials and perfect fit, take it without thinking.

If you order online make sure you check the sizes correctly and read the reviews about the garment. Search to buy in clothing stores of brand or with recognition to avoid scams with the quality of the clothes .

6- Do not overdo the budget

Sports garments have a longer wear time than ordinary clothing. Therefore, when purchasing your first pieces do not exceed in the budget or regret it months later. You can give clothes that have a balance of quality-price without having to spend hundreds of euros.

Remember that however well your clothing is, after 6 or 8 months you will have to replace it.

Final Tips for Finding Appropriate Sportswear

Even if it makes you look fantastic do not wear tight clothing or it will cause mobility problems and proper blood circulation.

Do not neglect the use of proper underwear, it is important to protect the intimate area when exercising. Inadequate clothing can cause uncomfortable scratches that detract from efficiency during exercise.

When shopping, look for the specifications on how to care for clothes according to the type of fabric you chose.

When you try on clothes, pay attention to your body type and how to make the most of it.Use the garments of color to highlight your strong attributes and places in the areas of dark tonality the parts you want to disguise. Many sports garments have these considerations and are marked with light and dark areas.

Take advantage of clothes to go to the women’s gym in intense colors such as orange, yellow, green and blue for this spring-summer season.

For aerobic exercises, clothing is always used wider than in other disciplines.

Avoid wearing cotton clothing, it is a heavy and little breathable material. It is only advisable in shorts.

Do not rush to buy at too high prices, browse your city and visit online stores to find the best options. Check if there is a discount before purchasing.

Do not be tempted to buy casual clothes to exercise, it will not work.

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