Gray Jeans Outfit Ideas

Today, an article that will allow you, we hope to get out of the basic dichotomy room / strong piece. We repeat fairly regularly on Be What You Wear, and you have already read in our guide released last week: to find its style, originality, fun and live in joy and gladness, it should to know and master the basics of the famous menswear, but we must also learn to overcome them. After the denim selvedge, t-shirt, shirt, shoes, we present the classic gray jeans and faded declination.

If the raw denim allows an almost unlimited number of combinations and is very present in the wardrobe of the modern man, gray jeans about him suffering a chronic under-use. It is rare in the street and in closets. It is usually the second or even the third jeans we buy. Finally, it is underutilized by the marks, and must often be patient to get one.

The gray jeans technical side

The fabric used for gray jeans is the same as a raw denim: denim. The jeans can also contain a small percentage of elastane.There is also the denim selvedge gray as non selvedge. All these cases of canvas, you know.

As for raw denim purists, there are gray for premium denim detail that connoisseurs appreciate: border selvedge, pocket rivets, chain stitch . Gray jeans are generally more expensive than their cousins rough jeans, this is partly due to the color process of the fabric which is more complex to achieve.

Putting more emphasis on cutting

As with raw denim jeans, if you are a beginner or you are looking for a basic jeans, choose a cup semi-slim . This is a cut that will lengthen your silhouette, and this is a good compromise between slim / skinny cut and straight cut.

If you want to wear your gray jeans with high-end sneakers (which is much rarer with raw denim jeans), pay attention to choose a opening at the ankle-called opening leg – close enough : no more than 19 centrimetre. This low opening at the ankle allows for the stacking or stack of jeans on sneakers.

For washing, as for the raw denim jeans again, prefer the hand, or at low temperature (30 °). Never use the tumble dryer (for any clothing whatsoever) and dry your clothes outdoors.

The gray jeans with Be What You Wear

Personally, I prefer the gray jeans in raw denim, I find them both equally easy to match, but I find that the gray jeans putsmore value in the textures and colors of a worked up (textured or colored). I want to show the item test Hèdus brand, and the outfit I had composed for the occasion.

Besides the obvious reminder between jeans and sweater, helped by the inserts to the shoulders, the color combination is very harmonious . The colors are simple and gray jeans allows both to bind together , to give it continuity and at the same time enhance the sweater and shoes. The jean fits also well in that outfit in mind rather chic – casual.

A gray high-end jeans and a heavy little investment budgets accessible to students. For Renhsen upscale jeans, it takes 240 euros, and it is a piece that can be found very rarely used. But I know that I will keep this beautiful jeans several years.Renhsen jeans are also known for the beautiful washout they take over time. The cut is perfect , it’s one of my best buys of the year.

I can also insert in outfits with quite different minds. For example, for an outfit more casual again, with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Here we have an outfit in the colors more daring, the parts are stronger, a little less basic than previously: graphic tee shirt, cardigan – slightly oversized – patterned, and pair of Lanvin. I think the combo: High wide, low Fitte , works well here. It’s effective, it’s good, it’s beautiful,.

The faded gray jeans

It is a less variant used as basic jeans, and it is quite logical . One of the most common advice on menswear fora is to buy raw denim jeans, not faded, a beautiful indigo color. No place for the faded, for inserts or more cuts worked.

And that’s a shame.

It is indeed difficult for a beginner to choose the right jeans fading. One must know the brands that produce it, and choose the model that fits perfectly. It pointed out the combine with other rooms. However, the faded gray jeans is far from a strong piece. It is simply an intermediate piece further, and therefore more interesting to use.

How to spot a good washout?

For jeans, beautiful fading is a washout “natural.” In general failure among brands of ready-to-wear mainstream type Celio or Zara, the leaching must give the impression that it is the mere use of the jeans that gave him that. Stonewashing should not be forced too much in some areas and less to others. It should be distributed in the right way, especially in the areas of friction of the fabric.

One of the characteristics of good quality washout, it is the presence of “whiskers” on the front of the hips. These are thehorizontal stripes which mark over time, by dint of friction of the fabric. For missed washout, these streaks are more marked, form a kind of white cloud around the fly, and there is nothing natural.

Unlike raw denim jeans, gray jeans is doing much more easily with luxury sneakers . Assembly even more difficult: the faded jeans and black sneakers. If the top is structured , almost sartorial (shirt and blazer cross), down meanwhile is more relaxed , more casual (jeans and sneakers faded). This combo is strong enough contrast succeeded here for two reasons:

  • The cuts and materials of different rooms are of very good quality.
  • The colors are relatively easy: navy (which calms the color of the shirt), gray, black.
  • The faded jeans is not a strong piece. If you have some basic knowledge and want to go further, try to gradually turn to theseintermediate pieces that will give a real boost to your style without making too big mistake. When the basic are not enough, do not just stick there.

Some brands to know

For basic gray jeans, we advise you to turn to Naked and Famous (150 euros), FrenchTrotters (140 euros), Acne (200 euros). For a larger budget, invest in a high end jeans Renhsen (240 euros).

For a faded gray jeans, we first recommend that you turn to Acne. If you want jeans to more cuts worked-carrot cut tappered-go visit the Elevation Retail Store in Paris. Brands are sharp and particularly warm and welcoming sellers. We note the work of the brand BLK DNM (pronounced Black Denim) offering jeans with very specific cuts.

To conclude

I would say the room is gray jeans woefully undervalued, either by the public as by the brands of ready to wear masculine.Still, it’s happening everywhere jeans that can allow you to achieve an outfit and link items that you could not-so far-to combine. Versatile, easy to combine, gray jeans can allow you to go further in search of style. It is finally a good element out of the basic dichotomy piece / strong piece that prevents a number of men to try things further.

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