Good Ideas for Halloween Party Costumes

Zombie Teddy, Sexy Skeleton Girl or rather as a horror classic with Jason hockey mask? Who wants to be on Halloween the star who needs a really good costume. Good that you have brought us, because we provide you, as every year before the most popular horror costumes for your Halloween party. As usual, the creepy, unusual and sensational the better. This year there are some new highlights with which their mutated guaranteed to your party eye-catcher and one or the other of your friends suffer from an horror.As usual, gave us this time Deutschland’s most popular shop for costumes, namely the costume Goals Maskworld placed this year’s trend list. All featured Halloween costumes you can look online Our site order. So, let’s go! These are the top 10 most popular costumes for Halloween in, 2014.

1. The Sexy Skeleton Girl

One of the most trendiest costumes ever is the Sey Skeleton Girl this year. The catsuit is not only scary, but transforms the ladies into a real eye-catcher. The lady is not only dressed sexy and attracts everyone’s attention, but is also attracted from head to toe. The catsuit is great to dance and can be aufgepimt at great skeleton and bone accessories. Bone bag, skull medallions, skeleton scarves and various skeletal masks make the Sexy Skeleton Girl Catsuit an absolute hit and costume choice number 1 in women on Halloween 2014 which you can also abfeiern yet comfortable.

2. Jason The Absolute Classic

What I personally is in Maskworld class find that if you ordered a good costume, actually looks really cool in it. The Jason costume from the movie Friday the 13th is the perfect example, and as in many previous years, the absolute killer for men. Who wants to instill an absolute terror to his friends, who should choose the Psycho from the famous Hollywood strip and then best not to take a number matching killer accessories. Jason heard as almost every year to one of the all time favorite costumes for men. No wonder. Who would not be afraid of this guy.

3. The White Nun

Who is a little more discreet and prudish like walking as white nun on Halloween. Nuns are inherently very cautious, but the white nun is a little different. It is namely psychoanalysis and can jump out from every corner and you scare a really lousy horror. The white nuns costume is often seen on Halloween, because you can transform your home into a rapidly with relatively few steps and a little make-up, if you have not managed to get a costume. Maskworld are really good here conveniently make-up tips as online tutorials . The white nuns have become somehow a real trend and really can differ to the nuns either. A real trend up. Everbody follows. Therefore space. 3

4. Zombie Teddy Bear

The zombie teddy bear. Large, thick, fat and guaranteed not to be overlooked is the fluffy horror Charachter. From behind from a distance of Teddy to cuddle looks, but if you look a little closer then you realize this Teddy Bear is likes you to eat. We suspect that the horror Teddy Bear is us run this year frequently on the road, because it is definitely a women-magnet. And also in a zombie teddy bear lies somewhere a warm heart. Or is it? We find the costume definitely really good because somehow it makes a challenge for all the Halloween take seriously. The whole is indeed really fun and the zombie bear has guaranteed some friendly hugs and knudel units over for you.

5. Sexy Splatter Girl

At Halloween Horror is hip, but also a lot of skin., Eventually wants to stand out on the numerous Halloween parties in Germany. Who wants to combine sexiness with horror and wants to look little scarier than the Sexy Skeleton Girl, which should be the Sexy Splatter to heart. Yes it comes with an ax or other sharp objects, therefore, behind their horror facade but put something attractive. Anyone who has lost its spell could quickly end up under the knife. The Sexy Girl Splatter must definitely be careful, because if she has picked out you once, then is over.

6. Zombie Rotkäppchen

As if lifted from a fairytale – from a horror fairy tale! The Zombie Little Red Riding Hood is not guaranteed as to tell you stories from the forest, but to take you directly into the forest and to process them into mincemeat. Costumes with themes and from popular films and stories are also in this year the trend and the zombie Rotkpäächen belongs to this group of horror costumes. On the picture it looks true like a zombie, including bent and broken arms, who but a little discreet behaves and this costume wears normal, which is guaranteed also addressed by prince charming. And if times a one comes wrong, so then you show the person what went really means. Fractures and entanglements.

7. The Horse Demon

Why is the horse demon actually ranked number 7? The mask is huge and therefore is also great to draw attention to himself as a man. Many women like horses and if you are a little creative you can make the demon a loving horse. Although it is difficult with a horse skeleton head. There are, guarantees a few people who have this horse-loving. By matching cape and one or the other killer Assecoire can be determined in the neigh one or other heart.

8. Pumpkin Suit

Beatle Juice? Not quite, but takes the Pumpkin Suit number 8 already close. As you can imagine there is really a virtually endless selection of costumes and themes at Maskworld. This is the horny at the shop, I rummage there partially hours around and always find really nice costumes from the most diverse games and film worlds. The Pumpkin Suit belongs there now is not necessarily to my favorites.Probably it is because of the colors. Maybe you gefällts. The trend of Pumpkin Suit is definitely and is also surprisingly good over the counter.

9. The Bridegroom

The wedding is one of the biggest events between couples. Also among the undead is marrying popular and therefore the groom.Where’s the bride? As can surely find something. Clear and then as a pair to the party will certainly get well.but one must take the initiative and that is when the undead just stop the groom. but Almost a classic far as creative as other costumes. Who the groom but, if you want to play is so determined to make not much wrong. If in any case a good starter: Hey do you want me to get married for a day on Halloween? He who says no? Correct! The white nun. The Splatter Girl contrast takes you directly into the forest.

10. Graf Freaking Dracula

Last but not least, you guessed it, yes it is Count Dracula. Actually the guy does not belong in the innovation list in here, but in the quality of the costume, we make an exception. I really can only emphasize again who really wants to have a really good costume, which is just a few euros more, but does it at a really good thing and also looks really good. The Count Dracula is one of hundreds examples but it must not stop missing on Halloween. Also this costume offers a good starter for a conversation. You simply biting the opposite in the neck. Done. I find class but since not too scary and a bit worn out the vampire theme, therefore, only in 10th place this year.

More Costumes And Masks Online

The selection of costumes shown in comparison to the range of Maskworld really only a minimal separation.The site offers really thousands of masks and costumes, in horror to Carnival , from Star Wars to Wild Wild West. If one were to browse the entire selection once, we would probably need a whole day. The time you should take you, because you are guaranteed to find a really crass costume for you. Check out the page just starting times. And if you are in Berlin on site, visited the store and ordered gruesome Greetings from trends of the future. Have fun on Halloween!