Gentleman Shoes Inspired by Nature

Flexi catalog has different models of urban style for you. They are shoes inspired by nature for the man who likes to be in contact with the outside.

Boots style country and outdoor

Styles 92102 and 92103 have a better grip on the sole system so that you can walk on unstable and rocky lands safely.

Style 92102 differs of 92103 because the first is a short tube boot, while the second is a model of shoe country. They are made of skin with resistant finish, which gives extra durability. They have an outdoor style while still being an urban model.

Their sole with double view of colour is very fashionable. Both models feature laces for a better fit according to philosophynearby.

Flexi Country boots

Style 94805 tonality wheat is a shoe-boot style for you which you like more comfort in your movements, they are flexible, perfect shoes to ride in any terrain. They also have an anatomic and stabilizer.

Style man shoes Flexi 94805 are manufactured with a combination of different types of skins, have the logo stamped on the tongue and on the side. As extra detail, this model of light shoes has a stitch of white and wheat that gives more presence and the sole in contrasting colours is very fashionable.

You must not forget the stiffness that give you a greater hold of the shoe on the foot. Is line is designed for you, who want to enjoy nature and a lover of outdoor life; you will have a safe ally in these boots flexi country, and of course without forgetting the modernity, elegance and comfort.