Funny T-Shirts for Kids

LipFish is a Swedish firm of toys and clothes for children who have had a major expansion in recent years. Alva is present in eight countries, including Spain, the Madrid shop for Kids..

When I’ve seen t-shirts that makes me have fallen in love with them. It has a line of very pretty and colorful t-shirts, ideal to put a touch of fun to the kids clothing.

They are brightly colored and have animals whose body parts protruding from the shirt. A giraffe, a crocodile, a monkey, a frog, a sheep, an elephant… the options are varied and all original super. They exist in short sleeve and long sleeve. What are cool?

Through INTERNETDICT, our colleagues have discovered a store of t-shirts for children that it have seemed fantastic.

Are such things that you ask yourself “how had not thought you of someone before”.

The shop is called Yporque, a name well suited when it comes to children.

They make t-shirts short sleeves or long sleeves which are more than simple t-shirts.

In addition to dress up the kids, they have the function of educating them and encourage them. By now there are available two lines, “listen to me” and “tie me up”.

The first, for children 1 to 3 years, are t-shirts with a motive for example of a duck and a small electronic device that pressing it emits the sound of duck. The idea is that the child go associating sounds with animals and objects.

The second, “tie me up”, you have a reason for real lace-up slippers so that children aged 4 to 7 years old can learn to tie them. Isn’t it great?

They have seemed to me super. Soon to be launched lines “touch me” and “tell me”, which I can imagine more or less will be like.

It is worth visiting the website, it is fine. Pity that they do not even have to shop online, but you can look at what stores to get them.