“For Each Bag That Is Put on Sale, 288 People Trying to Buy It”, Mansur Gavriel Boom

What have Mansur Gavriel bags for having managed to woo celebrities and fashionistas everywhere?, undoubtedly are his wide palette of colours, the simplicity of their designs, the quality of its materials and the Classic style of these bag bags What has led them to the crest of the wave. A place that Mansur Gavriel does not intend to stop dealing with.

Founded in 2012, the brand New Yorker has been very successful in just three years of life. Its creators, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel they met at a concert of The XX, where after experiencing a stratospheric connection decided to carry out his dream together.

Classical and minimalist bag cutting star of the firm, the bucket bag, they have fallen in love to all kinds of it girls and famous. From Diane Kruger to Alexa Chung, passing by the Olsen sisters or the actress Kirsten Dunst have already succumbed to her charms. But they are not the only.

For each bag that is put on sale in Lyst, one of the most powerful e-commerce websites of the moment, 288 people trying to buy it. In addition, Since the beginning of year around 57,000 people have wanted to acquire its own Mansur Gavriel.

Its price, between the 345 and $695, has been one of the key factors for his swift rise in the leather goods sector. Just keep in mind the difference with any Celine prices or Stella McCartney which goes on the market.

Mansur Gavriel, a great investment with a greater waiting list.