Food Trucks Vintage and Retro

I confess that I made that post with a lot of water in your mouth and it was delicious

Very common in gringa, recently the Foods Trucks went into big rise in Brazil. As an option the traditional stalls (popcorn, pastel and hot dog), the Food Trucks have a proposal to offer specific foods, quality (or gourmet food) and also a differentiated experience for the customer. In summary: STREET FOOD + FUN

What is food truck?

The food truck or rent food is a mobile space that transports and sells food … some seem ice cream trucks, others resemble restaurants on wheels serving taco, kebab, hamburger, Chinese

Advantages of the Food Truck

One of the main advantages of the Food Trucks is to be able to attend events like Carnival, music festivals, sporting events but also places that have more movement at any given time of day: buildings, workplaces or schools-College campus, industrial park office complex, among others – where there is potential demand for regular meals or snacks.

  • Rent savings
  • Proximity to the public
  • More enjoyable experience for the public
  • Easier to get into the business

Disadvantages of Food Truck

  • Insecurity of the streets
  • Surprises of mobility (rain, gasoline, vehicle crash)
  • Delimitation of sales points (can’t circulate around town)
  • The bankruptcy rate is 50% in the second year
  • Cost (between 150 to 350,000 dollars)

Tips for opening your Food Truck

Seen on Examination.

  1. Search a lot (on the internet has a lot of information)
  2. Invest in structure (the first impression stays!)
  3. Take care of the kitchen (customers come with all food preparation)
  4. Prepare emotionally (meteorology + patient + fitness)
  5. Seek partnerships (events and gastronomic fairs are good opportunity)

Models of Food Truck Vintage

Among thousands of models, we have selected the most beautiful that has Vintage and retro theme (or not).

Kombosa Shake (São Paulo-SP)

Specialty: Milk Shake
City: São Paulo-SP

Los Mendozitos (São Paulo-SP)

Sell wines from small producers of Mendoza, in Argentina, in varied locations.
Specialty: Wine
City: São Paulo-SP

Where’s my Brigadier (Belo Horizonte-MG)

Brigadier!!! My god … yum, yum, yum. TAKE ALL MY MONEY HERE!
Specialty: Brigadier
City: Belo Horizonte-MG

Janis-Estate of Li (Florianópolis-SC)

A beautiful yellow and 1972 kombi dishes based on Potatoes! Specialty: Potato City: Florianópolis-SC Site:

Mass in Skull

Specialty: Pizza City: Sao Paulo-SP Web Site:

Eat The Road (Paris/France)

Specialty: Burger and fries City: Paris/France website:

MOZAO-Gnocco fritto and Tigelle (Rome/Italy)

Specialty: Fried Nhoqui and other masses
City: Rome/Italy

Turf ‘n’ Surf (Austin/USA)

Specialty: seafood (Seafood)
City: Austin/USA
Site: Facebook