Five Tips To Keep In Mind When Wearing Leggings

Leggings are an infallible garment in a woman’s closet. Their versatility and comfort have become our great favorites and we applaud that because sometimes we get out of many difficulties when choosing what to wear.

But, like everything in fashion , you have to be careful with the way we use the garments as they can transform an enviable look into a fashionista terror.

If you plan to wear leggings, keep these rules in mind when putting on your outfit.

  1. Leggings Are Not Pants

This is the golden rule and all women should have it engraved on their heads. The leggings do not have the same resistance as the pants and, although they are thick, they will always let you seesomething that one does not want to show either underwear or imperfections like cellulite. If you wear leggings, cover your bottom with a dress, long polo, skirt, etc.

  1. Do Not Overdo The Printing

In recent years, leggings have left solid colors and sought to innovate with bold and creative prints. However, you should keep in mind that these types of patterns stand out in the legs and enlarge them. If you have a thin build with long legs, go ahead.But if your body type is more curvilinear, solid color is your best choice.

  1. Choose A Good Footwear

Leggings look great with just about every type of shoe , it all depends on the occasion and the set you want to achieve. Thebalerinas are ideal for a more relaxed look and look very good as they leave the instep exposed. On the other hand, high boots or booties at the height of the ankle will give the impression of a more elegant and refined attire. Avoid shoes at all costs.

  1. Take Care Of The Length

The idea is for the leggings to reach the ankle so that your legs look long and are just above the shoe. If you use ones that end in the calf, they will automatically make you look lower and your leg will be cut in half.

  1. Consider The Occasion

If you are thinking of wearing leggings, evaluate the moment and the type of event you are going to go with. The cotton ones are more opaque and are ideal for day to day, especially in winter. Those with appliques latex or some shine are for any informal meeting with friends or a date where you must see more arranged.