Five Tips to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Without a doubt, the wedding dress is one of the most important elections of a wedding and one of the things that most excites the girls.

If you are a romantic empedernidas like me, you do not deny that you dream with your wedding dress since you were girls.Obviously changing tastes and fashions also, but still thinking it will be like and that dream day. I still have engraved in the memory, my favorite dress of the first magazine that my mother bought me when I was 6 years old. It was a model with many frills, but for me it was the most beautiful of all. Now, but not I would be with that kind of flyers, because I would feel that instead of me getting married, I’m at the April fair of Seville, but for tastes the colors?

( 1) log in with your dress: first advice you want to give is that when choosing your dress you feel you same. That means, if contrary to me, you love the ruffles, and always dreamed of a dress as well? Go ahead! If you choose a dress with much volume as one with a tissue, the important thing is that you like and that you feel comfortable and identified with this style. Remember that the choice of wedding dress is a key aspect to feel safe and radiant in this special day, in which no doubt you will be the main protagonist and the center of attention.

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( 2) Please note practitioners: although you choose to your taste wedding dress always it is important that you leave advice by professionals. For example, if you are very thin, perhaps it would sit you better a skirt with some volume. Tissues with little flight will make you seem still more thin, but if you want a dress in a light fabric, it would be advisable to strengthen the skirt with gathers.

( 3) choose the dress in advance: choose your wedding dress at least with between 7-11 months in advance. You will need to make several tests with the dress and perhaps some modification (straps, etc) so it is best to start to look at it with time to avoid last-minute stress.

( 4) not you become if you don’t find your quick dress: I’ve met brides who stayed with the first dress that were tested hat’s lucky!) and other which instead needed to try several shops. If you look at it in advance as I recommend in paragraph three does not have why spread panic.

( 5) don’t forget to check the latest trends: see the webs of the stores you want to visit and also magazines for brides to know the latest trends. It is important to have an idea of what you want, what are the fabrics that you most like, if you want to tail much or little, what type of neckline you like most, etc thus already going with an idea to shop and can guide you better.