Fitness Bra: How To Choose Your Sports Bra

It is not only a matter of size or aesthetics, choose evil a top or a sports bra can injure you. We teach you the 10 points that you must look.

1.-how much tightening… do not fall into the error of what most compress better. That Yes, looking for enough fastening chest don’t jump or wobble while doing sport.
2-try you. Always, because, even though you know your size, should check that straps you not tight and that, to move, not you rubbing anywhere. (Gives a hop in the tester: you not cuts).
3-looking for breathable fabrics. You’re going to wear while doing sport, you should therefore material to remove sweat and heat.
4.-think about the intensity of your sport. Usually sports tops indicate if they are for low impact activities (such as yoga orpilates), impact of medium (spinning…) or high-impact (runners, aerobics…)
5-compression not only… You must also be sure that allows you to perform movements with your arms freely. Keep in mind the outline of your back. A trick is to measure you rib cage and add 12 cm to the result: will give you approximately your size top.
6-also expire. Past one year is recommended to change them, because the bands are subject to wear and loses its function.
7-antilesiones. You know that an ill-chosen bra can cause rupture of the ligaments of Cooper (responsible for the support of breast and irreparable).
8. According to the experts, the sports bra suitable for each sporting activity should reduce movement of the chest up to 50%, thus delaying their fall in the long term.
9.- If you have much chest, look for Bras called “meditation”. Apart from avoiding the oscillatory movements of the chest up-down and side, also correct the from the inside out.
10.- If you have a little chest, committed to retaining “compression”, holding the breasts against the chest.

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