Fishnet Tights: Perfect Complement to Looks

The fishnet pantyhose has returned with full force and is making a presence in many daily out there. The fashionistas are more and more in love with the piece and it has been conquering the famous look.

It is a piece that certainly divides opinions, but is a great alternative to update and make the look very stylish. The best thing is that you can use the fishnet pantyhose in several ways: underneath the destroyed jeans, with skirt, dress and shorts.

You also find the short half-fishnet, which is only at the feet, but still gives an extra charm in the visual. And you can wear it with sneakers, boots and even sandals for daring looks.

To help you create great looks with the Tracksuit pantyhose, we have developed some tips in partnership with style consultant Danyla Borobia. Check out!


Fishnet Tights with Torn Trousers

Here the idea is that the fishnet pantyhose appears as detail in the ripped parts. Danyla explains that the most popular pants models with the pantyhose pantyhose are the mom jeans, skinny and pantacourt. She also explains how to make the most daring look possible: “You can let the fishnet stocking appear on the top of the pants, showing the stocking elastic covering the navel. To do so, simply invest in a top cropped or t-shirt with a little nut, to leave the waist and half so apparent.”

Fishnet Tights with Shorts

An important detail about the pantyhose pantyhose is that it can be worn in the summer as it does not cover the entire skin. So, combining it with shorts is also a great option. “The shorts on the hotpants model marry well with the pantyhose pantyhose, on the feet you can choose boots and boots that give a more dramatic look, when edited with a sneaker the look will be more comfortable, updated and break will liven up the whole sensuality of shorts with the fishnet halter.”explains Danyla.

Fishnet Tights Perfect Complement to Looks


Fishnet Pantyhose with Skirt

Here the consultant explains that the skirts can be any size, the longer can have strategic cracks to show the sock and make the look more interesting and sexy. “When composing with heavier fabrics such as leather, suede and wet velvet, the look will have a more punk and less sensual style. To update the look, the trick is to compose with the season’s pieces, like the mules, who have everything “says the style consultant.

Fishnet Tights with Dress

Another female piece that gets another face if used with the fishnet pantyhose. Here Danyla gives some tips of looks: “When composing with a thin dress, short or with a super cleavage, in a night style, a good request is to wear pantyhose with the smaller fabric, so the look will be more sophisticated and slightly sensual, already the party dress composed with pantyhose and casual shoes, will leave the most versatile, comfortable and current look.”

Short-sleeved Tights

If you want to start using the midsole in a more subtle way, this is the right choice. “This stocking is great for composing more behaved looks, but with personality and fashion information. Just compose with tailoring pants, joggings, or pantacourt, and, to make it more interesting, throw open shoes too, with the fingers of outside, the Peep Toe style, are a good request, break fashion rules and get cool,” Danyla says.


After so much inspiration for sure you will create incredible looks with the fishnet pantyhose!

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