Fendi Leather Skirt

The Fendi collection fall/winter 2013-2014 was presented during the second day of Milan fashion week, Italian fashion week. Those staged are women who understand their ideas, which are doing every day, are the ones that run in big cities without having to give up their own style, to a sophisticated outfit to her femininity.

Milan fashion week Unveils and reveals new facets of fashion. It’s been that way from the start: before the Gucci woman rock chic, then la romantica and decidedby Alberta Ferretti. Even Fendi has to teach us a lot and it does so by proposing garments that have a confident woman, aware and a little punk, a woman who doesn’t like to make concessions nor compromise, a woman who loves herself and knows his style and personality.

The models of Pleated Chiffon Skirt, including Cara Delavingne and Karlie Kloss, come out from an angled corridor composed of the initials of the brand. We start immediately with the fur, an essential part of the style of the Italian fashion house. The coat is reinterpreted in every shape and size, from the initial proposal jokes in colored vertical stripe version. It is as if the label had decided to propose ourselves look completely made of this valuable material, which is treated as if it were a ‘ simple ‘ fabric. Not only so, but also coats wrap skirt, sweaters and jackets on the bags, Baguette , the famous handbag. Even the shoes are excluded from this big show centred on the fur and, where it is presented and used in its entirety, embellishes cleaner style coats and dresses and even auctions sunglasses.

Important the presence of color, proposed in its feminine version, an intense Fuchsia pink declined until more heated, proposed on clothes and accessories, both in combination with black and white leaders. Interesting set of proposals focused on proposals for oversize coats from important volume. The contrast between black and white will be still dominant the next cold season, continuingthe trend of warmer months, launched the major catwalks worldwide. Important the presence of skin, not only on accessories but also on some clothing; We find indeed inserts on dresses and skirts black crocodile. The great fur baguette give way to small clutch bags made in this material or colored plexiglass.