Fear Not, The Yellow Not Will Bring You Bad Luck, Only Style

Leave aside superstition, This season the fashion world has said a “yes I want to” resounding and high to the yellow color. The shops are filled with clothing in this color and there are no celebrity blogger’s success that boasts that not has been seen wearing it. If you also want to dress in yellow and don’t know how, follow these three steps and get the perfect look.

You like the color, but you think it’s too much for you, who will not know to combine it and who is too strident. Up to here everything clear, but what you tell me a blouse of chiffon as the photographic?, combine it with a pair of jeans or trousers in beige and triumph. Sure.

Gives you equal all the subject of superstition but do not want to complicate your too much. Opt for a dress yellow, fresh and easy to combine both in summer and autumn (add a biker’s leather black and ready!), why not give an opportunity that could be the garment star of your wardrobe?

Loop the loop is your thing, take all the trends to the extreme It is one of your favorite practices, and not only that, you do it with great style. Tab a structured yellow skirt, combined with a neoprene top (we also accept cloth mesh) and I know the Queen of the streets. If you also have an iota of dare, add a pair of shoes in another striking tone. Few could get ahead a look like this, but you do.