Fashion Tips: How to Use | Romantic Style

Bring the flowers and pearls girls the fashion inspiration of this post is   How to use   the   romantic style !(Uhuuul!)

If you love movies with happy endings, books full of poetry and passionate letters today is your lucky day! Learn how to be feminine and   romantic   even when it comes to dressing up with these incredible tips(and   lots of photos   to be inspired !!!)

Romantic style

It is composed of clothes that enhance the femininity of the woman making it more   delicate and sweet , it is part of the style that I love and look for when I see a piece in the store windows out there and I believe it is the one that most suits me because they are comfortable clothes , light and very cute!


And nothing more romantic to begin with than the beautiful piece that characterizes the   romantic style: The skirts! With flowery prints, smooth and in pastels the skirts are indispensable in the wardrobe of the   romantic girl. Accompanied by a basic sweater, the skirts by themselves already give a  feminine and vintage  air  the production

The polka dots, thin stripes and flowery are the sweetest, the market options are wide find the one that suits your personal taste, just be careful not to enter the team of piriguetes with very short clothes. Yes, it looks ugly.


The   dresses   are also strong allied to this style, the   more feminine the better ! Sometimes we find the sale some beautiful models that seem to have come out of a book of fairy tales!

Dress Long, short, intermediate , you choose the size! They combine a lot with cardigans, boleros and belts at the waist. Try using a   delicate necklace   or a small bag to complete the look.

Medium Skirts

For those who want to dress in a more   classic and behaved   skirts at or below the knee are the best option! Even the colored ones with a long sleeved top are beautiful. Those that mark well the waist are my favorites besides valuing the body still disguise the fat. lol

Long skirts

What about the long skirts? They’re perfect! lengthen the silhouette, look good on just about anyone other than leaving those who use them both classic and modern at the same time. I need at least 8 more of those in my wardrobe # praja! lol


Do not like skirts and dresses? No problem, the shorts just arrived to save you in the heat and still maintain the   romantic style ! Again, the patterned models come into play. What I like to wear(this last photo) is this long-sleeved top with a short candy-colored shirt, sometimes seen in a light blouse underneath, and I leave the blouse open with a beautiful necklace, it’s super   romantic !


The pants can also be worn, the colored whites are the most beautiful but there are those who do not give up the stronger colors. Ah, the patterns with prints are also released. Try to create a harmony, for example, if the pants are very strong pink why not use a lighter shirt to contrast and vice versa?


Are they released too? look beautiful in any piece whether it’s a sweater, dress or skirt. It’s even good to have at least one lace piece in the wardrobe like a sweater to wear over other colored sweaters or even a very light and delicate waistcoat.


Speaking of hairstyles… The loose and curly ones are the favorites(regardless of the size of your hair) followed by braids cokes and hairstyles half stuck. Fluffy loops, tiaras and bows are also part of the romantic style, but without exaggeration.


In the accessories the rule is: the   more feminine the better!  Abuse of pearls, lace, flowers, chains and pieces with shiny rhinestones, in this style less is more, try to use small pieces and with great personality combining well with the clothes that you chose always remembering to have fun, to experience and to feel beautiful and confident!

To finish…

Take your physical type into account without trying to look like some skinny model or actress. I believe you’re already perfect the way you are and it’s so much prettier than any of them! I hope these tips only help you to be more and more   yourself   because against this there is no fashion! =)