Fashion: Blouses and Shirts

The fashion 2017 is with a lot of news, including with regard to sweaters and shirts. The idea is to leave the feminine look lighter, sophisticated, charming and full of personality for the new season.

The women’s blouses are used parts in the day to day, that serve to compose casual and unpretentious looks. Already the shirts have a social proposal, they leave the appearance with a touch of sophistication and formality.

Trends of blouses and shirts fashion 2017

Here pinckarddress lists the following trends of sweaters and shirts fashion 2017:


The blouses and striped shirts promise to take care of the women’s wardrobe in the summer season 2017. The stripes, which are classic and timeless, become more colorful.

Cropped blouse

The cropped blouse is a somewhat daring piece, but it has become popular with younger women. She is nothing more than a kind of top, which leaves the belly on display. The cropped pairing with wide skirt, medium skirt, pantyhose or shorts, especially when it comes to a high-top.

Natural textiles

Women’s blouses will explore what is most sophisticated and charming in natural fabrics. Materials such as linen leave the look with a rustic touch and at the same time elegant.

Light blue

The sky blue color is one of the trends of summer 2017, including when it comes to women’s shirts and blouses. This pastel tone is discreet, romantic and delicate.


You know that jeans shirt that’s been forgotten for years in the back of your wardrobe? Then, it can be worn in 2017. The washed and light jeans leave the look more relaxed, informal and charming.

Cheerful and lively prints

The high spirits and energy gain expression through shirts and sweaters printed in summer 2017. The season will value different prints that invokes nature, as is the case of flowers, fruits, coconut trees, whole landscapes and camouflage.

Tissue fluidity

The long blouses will be on high, aiming to provide lightness and comfort to the look on the hottest days of the year.

Many details

Women’s blouses and shirts feature many details, such as sequins, laces, transparencies, stones and embroidery with beads. The cast finish also takes over the season, leaving some parts of the female body on display and enhancing sensuality.

Simple and versatile

The 2017 Fashion also features the models of simple and versatile blouses and shirts. They adapt easily to other stations, thanks to the straight cuts and basic colors.