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I know many readers use eyeglasses, I myself use for almost 10 years and whenever I need to change my frame is a fight! Seriously, it’s so difficult that was already a few 5 years with the same glasses because I’ve never found a model that I loved to change! I’m a little picky with glasses because I always want to combine beauty with the quality of the lens, after all, is the real deal!

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When I received the invitation of Chilli Beans 013 (ground floor-Shopping Praiamar-Santos/SP), I was delighted to know that now the brand has its own laboratory and works with a huge catalog of lenses! All super good to meet all kinds of patient-myopia, astigmatism, multifocal, etc. So I choose a new eyeglasses to call my own.

For a long time I was looking for a big glasses–is my preference since forever because the field of view is greater–and you were a model Kitty. I found this in black acrylic super handsome, huge and with the transparent rods, which is great because it doesn’t block the view. I found beautiful and super fashionista too! I chose the Crizal lenses that are of excellent quality and perfect to accompany me in this computer every day routine, which is when more use eyeglasses, huh?!

Was ready in less than a week and came in this beautiful case, with certificates and warranty of Chilli Beans 013-was perfect right away! The coolest thing is that you can now join the stylish frames of the brand, which has a huge variety, with the ease of make lenses in one place!

Worth betting.

Photos: Fashion Frisson

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