Expo 2017 Denim – Jalisco Dress Jeans

Today, the world of the denim and gabardine has its own space, since the CANAIVE Jalisco has taken the initiative to organize an exhibition on supply for the jeans wear industry, which incidentally is very extensive. INTERNACIONAL DENIM EXPO is the name and the place will be Expo Guadalajara from 31 May to 2 June of this year 2017.

The exhibition is aimed to stimulate the manufacture of products made of denim (denim) and gabardine, which is one of the most representative industry sectors textile and clothing industry in Mexico. This extraordinary project, as already mentioned is organized by the Chamber national of the industry of the dress delegation Jalisco.

EXPO DENIM, stands as a specialized fair unique in its field, as the first in Latin America. It is a point of meeting where, for 3 days, the most important companies specialized in textiles, machinery, chemical products, processing facilities, allotments, Desktop Accessories and much more arise.

From this 2017, it will be once a year at the facilities of Expo Guadalajara Center leading Exhibitor in Latin America. The city of Guadalajara, during 3 days, in the month of may will be the fashion for large suppliers and manufacturers of the Denim industry.


The camera national of the industry of the dress delegation Jalisco, along more than 50 years has served the needs of clothing entrepreneur, as well as provide multiple services to the apparel industry in Jalisco.

Within its strategic development plan, the Jalisco CANAIVE has integrated a team of experts to carry out this great event that will obviously have an impact in strengthening the industry in Mexico and Latin America.


  • More than 80 leaders specialized in products for suppliers for the manufacture of clothing in denim and gabardine are exposing the best offer fashion in textiles, ratings, Desktop Accessories, specialized machinery, laundry services, anti-aliased and processes as well as chemical products for the treatment of fabrics.
  • Expo Denim is the best place to find everything you need to make products of the best quality and the best price under one roof. Likewise, the visitor may contact new suppliers with whom, certainly may make large transactions to benefit its business of fashion denim.
  • Through the area of trends, you can find out about fashion that governed in the market during the next season. This will allow you to make your products with appropriate guidelines and under a reliable guideline, since Expo Denim, you will find the best materials for suppliers.

Expo Denim will be an exhibition that will generate an important dynamic to the textile and clothing industry. Exhibitors are world-class industries constantly making fashionable and high-quality products.

No doubt will be the best specialized in supplying event aimed at manufacturers and marketers of jeans and derived products which are already established, or for anyone who wants to produce this type of clothing.

It was born as an indispensable and unique in Latin America within their specialty exhibition. Expected more than 5 thousand visitors from various parts of Mexico and abroad over 3 days of exhibition.