Ermanno Scervino Menswear

Ermanno Scervino men’s collection spring/summer 2015: a parade full of men’s new style, which the designer has defined ‘ Metropolitan ‘ dandy. Are the cuts of suits, jackets and trousers, soft, nearly flat, to define the mood of man Scervino. Are the iconic patterns matched together to characterize with great force the line of designer clothing and accessories. What gave us Ermanno Scervino hot for next season? Tailored look refined, but widely revisited. Virtually all to discover!

It is time for parades and so it is also high time to discover the new spring/summer men’s trends 2015 unveiled during Milan fashion week. One thing is for sure, style marina will be one of the leading figures of men and will be accompanied by rather daring combinations.

The parade of Ermanno Scervino will begin immediately with look at first glance quite simple but, in fact, characterized by soft, long double breasted jackets and sweat pants that have matched the sneakers. Means from the very first beats that the mood of the parade will be easy chic and partly will remind us that view a few hours earlier, the men’s collection for summer 2015. After some look the Tuscan designer reveals one of the great men’s fashion trends spring/summer 2015. Mix and match graphic elements, intensive pois of all sizes, contrasting with black leaders and proposed strict lines. This is the great revelation of Scervino to the man of tomorrow, the combination of iconic patterns, unique notes yet refined with each other.

Born this way the new Metropolitan dandy, wearing oversize jackets, parkas, pants and canvas with sleeveless tailored suits, jerseys and shorts that recall clearly the theme ‘ marina ‘, the famous nautical already in vogue this summer with fashion women. In the collection there are also accessories including bow ties, scarves, shoes and belts featuring extravagant fantasies and monogram. The colour palette is natural, punctuated by nuances that do not target particular attention for intensity but ideal for perfect outfit from morning till night. Actually, some hints more intense there is, but you can see from sweaters and jackets with dyed Orange, blue, yellow and green.

You want to see all the heads of the men’s collection spring/summer Scervino 2015? Then do not miss the pictures of the parade gathered in our gallery.