Eastpak Station Travel Bag

If you plan to do a few days away, flexible luggage are preferable. Even if the mode of the suitcases to rigid hull is at its height, nothing can replace the flexible travel bags which are always considered as ideal for all travellers. The luggage market currently offers all a range of travel bags as robust as each other that make difficult the choice of your luggage.

To help you make the right choice, we made a comparison of the best models of the brands travel bags and we found for you a flexible bag that has everything like: the Station of the brand Eastpaktravel bag. Station is part of the travel bags selection most of the moment. It’s a simple, but effective hand luggage which will meet all the needs of travellers seeking serenity and lightness. Its functional, spacious storage capacity or its unequalled resistance, these are all assets that make the Station bag essential luggage for a stay of a few days. See more about its strengths.

Assets and strengths

Your trip will be synonymous with discovery and adventure with the travel bag from Eastpak Station. Famous for his cult backpacks, the Eastpak brand is a leader in the world of soft luggage offering adventurers to resistant, strong and stylish luggage for any type of trip.

The Station signed Eastpak travel bag has the advantage to be super resistant. Indeed, it is designed entirely in polyamide, a strong fabric that gives it a high resistance. That’s why, if you choose this baggage, it will last in time regardless of the use you want to make. This resistance can also effectively protect the contents of your bag against shocks or falls.

The Station bag also attracts attention with its design modern, yet sober. The purely casual style will find their happiness in choosing this model casual. Whether you are a regular or casual, traveller Station of Eastpak travel bag no lack of style to travel in style. In addition, this soft luggage is available in a palette of colours very trend for everyone.

Among other things, the baggage Station offers a volume of storage large enough to hold a few days, but also your umbrella for the travelbusiness. With its domestic capacity of 57 liters, it has an interior well thought to store your belongings efficiently. In addition, its pockets to ensure a more organized storage.

The Station of the Eastpak brand backpack is very easy to handle thanks to its flexible structure. Indeed, it is with simple baggage of many transport handles making it easier to transport including a double handful on top or one hangs slung. In addition, this resolutely bag trend is also suitable for switch with transport aircraft cabin air-lowcost.

The bag from all angles

Want to buy a bag of flexible and cheap travel to your next destination? The flexible luggage Station remains a choice perfect due to its practicality and design. It brings together in him alone all the qualities sought in a travel bag. To learn more about this background, let’s take a tour on its specificities.

Look and ability

Like all the brand Eastpak travel bags, the Station model stands out for its subtly casual look that made the reputation of famous American brand Eastpak. Travelers appreciate its modern and urban style combined with his high finish. Suitable for several uses, this background to design sportswear is available in several sober colors and classes. Each traveler will find the color that will stick to his style and his taste.

The Station timeless bag is a bag made of 100% polyamide. It is a type of durable Super fabric that gives your bag an optimal resistance and incomparable robustness everywhere you go. This material also promises optimal protection across your business.

To avoid transporting several luggage during your trip, the best is to choose a bag with a certified aircraft cabin size. And the model Station is one of these bags with its harmonious dimensions L62.0 x H30.0 x P28.0 cm. Empty weight is less than 1 kg with a domestic capacity of 57 litres, which will accommodate all of your business for a trip of about 3 to 5. Apart from this large storage compartment, you have also two zipped pockets that are inside and outside. Some useful pockets to store your personal belongings at hand.

Closure and security

For optimal security your business, you have nothing to fear, because this travel bag has very strong zipper. Indeed, it is the unique opening the bag, reinforced by the Eastpak brand. This closure has 2 clasps for maximum speed.

For your trips to the United States, it is best to have a TSA combination lock for added security.

Transport and handling

In comparison with other models of travel bag, we can say that the Station model is very easy to carry thanks to the presence of several transport handles.

To wear it on your hand, you can use the two handles on the top. Another way to wear it is to use a hook slung provided to wear on the shoulder. Regardless of the load of your bag, comfort is always at the rendezvous!