There is no specific age for placement of earrings in the lobe of the ear in children. In the field of care medical private, there is a greater tendency to place them the birth, even before being discharged from the hospital. Although there is the argument that it might be less painful than if I will take place at a later time, it is good to have in mind certain considerations before performing this procedure your baby.

The application of earrings in newborns is not a medical indication, nor should be routine.

  • Is of utmost importance to inform previously to your pediatrician for the realization of this procedure, there are situations that could stop it. Always ask for the authorization of the medical staff.
  • The realization of holes for earrings placement in a newborn, it should be done by people with experience, remember that tissues and cartilage of the ear is very sensitive and can be hurt in inexperienced hands according to extrareference.com.
  • Remember that in some hospitals nurses who usually performs this procedure, do not have the legal responsibility in case for some reason there was a complication during the procedure, so it is important to make sure which are the conditions and regulations where the procedure, which in case of lacking, in you is absolute responsibility for this situation was made.
  • The person in question charge, the description of the procedure and materials used, it is important that ensures that there is a good technique for hygiene and necessary means.
  • You can ask the staff who will carry out the procedure of earrings are the easiest to apply and best. There are earrings with blunt, which may hinder the application.
  • The gold earrings usually of 14 k gold and stainless steel are those who produce fewer reactions when applied. Remember that any kind of foreign material, can cause an allergic type reaction and even become infected.
  • Once placed, let the earrings placed at least for a period of 6 weeks. You can remove them before bed, helping to keep the area ventilated.
  • After you wash your hands and clean both sides of the lobes with alcohol, turn earrings giving approximately three turns twice a day.
  • At the end of the 6 weeks holes wall must have healed and you can more confidently change earrings as desired.
  • Do not tighten much earrings snaps, leave them closed loosely, this will allow that there is space for inflammation and airflow through the holes.

Care should be at home in the event of an infection.

Rather than anything, one must know when an arete causes an infection in the area of the application. Signs of infection of the lobe of the ear holes are pain or irritability if it were in young children, may also be yellowish discharge in the area, redness and some degree of swelling or enlargement.

In the case of a mild infection, you can do the following:

Retire the arete of the hole three times a day. Clean the arete and both sides of the earlobe with alcohol. Apply a topical antibiotic (ask your pediatrician is best suited) in the pin of the arete, then put it. Continue the application of antibiotic ointment up to two days once the infection has apparently disappeared.

Please contact us in case of:

  • Not able to move or remove the earring from the ear lobe.
  • If it presents important redness in the area where the earring was placed or increase or if it is plentiful secretion.
  • If your child has fever or prolonged periods of irritability.
  • If after you applied the topical antibiotic, do not see improvement in a span of 3 days.