Dresses for a Wedding at Night According to Your Body

How to dress for an evening wedding according to your body type. Take note!

Our personal shopper gives us tips on how to dress at an evening wedding.

Basics for an evening wedding.

There are some rules of dress or dress code to go to a wedding at night. Take note!

You can go both long, covering the ankles, as well as short with dark colors. We know thatblack is the king of the night, but from Hogarmania we encourage you to take risks with other tones, except the target that is the bride.

If the ceremony is religious try to cover your shoulders if you are very low. As for thedresses , you can afford any kind of luxury, necklines wide open, both in the back and the front.

Take care of the complements: shoes with a little heel, touched with some type of detail or jewel-type handbags . If you choose a striking headdress, carry a bag and simple shoes and vice versa.

Choose dress according to your body type

To match the look for a wedding at night, consider the shape of the body.

Very thin: Look for dresses with some type of print. They will be your best ally to create the sensation of volume. Also, try to choose a dress with some type of drape in the chest area, will make you look bigger.

Inverted Triangle: Dresses with the neckline upright are perfect for you. With that it is possible to shorten the distance between the shoulders and to obtain a beautiful figure. This type of body usually has Big chest, so if you want to make it look smaller, do not use rhinestones or pleats in that area. Choose light colored dresses as they bring volume to the hips.

Rectangle: The word of honor is very flattering for this type of body, except when you have little chest that is better to accompany a straps. Look for a dress that fits a little at the waist, to recreate visually those curves that do not exist.

Oval Silhouette: Choose dresses of dark colors, without any glitter, with straps that are attached to the neck. What is achieved with that is to strengthen the shoulders, the most slender part of the body.

Below, we offer the best selection of wedding gowns evening of options, to inspire you in your upcoming ceremony.