Dress Up Party This Christmas by H & M

The Christmas is approaching and thereby the trends look on a day such as Christmas Eve or New year’s Eve or otherwise, depends on tastes and customs at the time of exit. What is clear is that the party is assured.

From the brands you know and engage with special interest in caring for your audience with collections aimed at these holidays. H & M It has just launched a new slogan Holiday 2009 (Festival 2009).

Very festive models characterized by Sasha Pivovarova (once again) and Malgosia Bela, among other faces of known models.

Input, the mini-dresses or short skirts they seek to emulate the tutus of the dancers. Many fliers, pastel colors either in black. The first we see of both models are great for Christmas.

The sequins, the thousands of Add-ons in the form of bracelets or bangles, as we proposed our fellow eBayers, necklaces lengthy imitation pearls and some pretty Sandals to finish off the look.

For those who like look the color and do not want to undergo the fashions of white and black, this set is great. Indigo blue, Golden and paillettes. Need something more?

The style of the bubbles of Freixenet. Very elegant.

The Black is the choice for the little black dress. Like most strapless, but here we see him with a touch of rocker very well combined. It looks good the zipper in the middle and above all booties.

But at the habalr of a party look It should refer to floral prints, silver on black, the little black dress of sequins or leather. Three styles very suitable to wear this Christmas.

And if it does not convince us nothing and we do not want to suffer the amount of people coming out party at this time, we can stay at home, thoughtful pose but stylish, that is being said. Someone enrolls?

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