Doubt What Lingerie to Buy for Your Body Type?

Hello girls!!!
Many women go into despair when it comes to buying lingerie . But why? It is a fact that we women love to buy, whatever. Adding items to our wardrobe is our favorite subject and task.
However, some women suffer to buy lingeries that are suitable for their body type, especially the chubby ones.See below important tips when choosing the piece that will fall perfectly, leaving you even more beautiful!

The first step is “Where to find variety, good price and parts for me?”
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I already secured mine and you will leave it for later?

The second and most important step is you have figured out what your body type is.See below:

First Mannequin – Body Hourglass:Shoulders and hips of the same size, thin waist.
Second manikin – Rectangle body: Shoulders, waist and hip of the same size.
Third Dummy – Inverted Triangle Body:Shoulders larger than waist and hips.
Mannequin Room – Pear Body:Shoulders and waist smaller than hips.
Fifth Mannequin – Oval Body:Waist larger than all other parts.

Third step.Once you find out what your body type is, learn how to choose the right lingerie.Remember: Lingerie is an ally when it comes to making the woman more sensual.Also, choose colors that will suit you.

Lingerie for women hourglasses: Panties with thicker sides.
Avoid set with very thin handle.
Avoid details on the side of the panties.
Discreet prints.
Delicate bras,no bubble bulge.

Lingerie for rectangular women:Panties with details on the side.
Bra with light prints and dark background.

Lingerie for oval women:Camisetes or body are good options.
Prints always vertically.
Bras that value the breasts.
Panties with larger side.

Lingerie for women pear:Flat panties and without details on the side.
Wide handles.
Bras with little bulge.

Lingerie for women inverted triangle:Bras with thick straps.
No bulge.
Panties wider and with the thinner side.
Avoid flashy prints on the bra.

Doubt what lingerie to buy for your body type?