Do You Spend Valentine?

As soon as February 14 nears all the shop windows and shops are filled with pink hearts and Cupids throwing arrows at left and right. What Valentine’s day won’t you? If you don’t have a partner with whom to celebrate Valentine’s day, no problem. Being single can molar mogollon, and you can always celebrate your singleness with these 13 so great and fun ideas.

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1/13 Sweatshirt “Yes, but not with you”

Let your intentions clear with a sweatshirt with message. “Yes, but not with you”. Make it clear that being single doesn’t mean to be desperate.x

2/13 t-shirt with message

Isn’t that your you’re undecided, you want “someone like you, but not you”. Throw hints left and right with this t-shirt.

3/13 housing “Girl Gang”

If you are a heartbreaker that never feel the head and with an order of priorities clear, this mobile case is for you. Because you know, potato chips are going before the boys.

4/13 socks “Love Carbs”

If everyone takes advantage of these dates to declare his true love, you don’t stay behind. With these socks is clear what we really love: calories, well rich and, if possible, in the form of donuts.

5/13 Beanie “Cats Forever”

No, you’re not crazy cats or intend to end up like her. But for the moment, you feel more love for these furry animals than for the guys whom you have met in your life. Then, this wool cap bearing your name. “The guys meh, but cats are forever”.

6/13 Sweatshirt “Bye loser!”

Tired of think people want company because you’re single? Don’t you tell, let read it in your new Sweatshirt.

7/13 pin “Can U not”

There is no law that prevents you to take heart if you don’t have a partner. We finished! However, if you can afford to give a touch cheeky yours with this fun pin.

8/13 Jersey knit “Go Away”

That no, that you don’t want flowers or romantic dinners. That to you on 14 February is one day in the calendar and don’t want to be disturbed. Say it in your language, with a jersey knit with illustration of heart bauble, and an important message.

9/13 t-shirt “I’d rather give you myself”

Do they you often wonder why you are still single? The reason is obvious and further clarifies this t-shirt. Not worried about your marital status, and being honest, “would you prefer to go out with yourself”.

10/13 “I never” Katie Heaney

“I’ve been single all my life. A single boyfriend. Not a single short relationship. Not a single person with regularly stay for enrrollarnos”. Do you feel identified? This hilarious book is for you, and with high doses of girlpower!

11/13 “Pie” t-shirt

It is the moment of upload photos to our respective social networks, make them gifts and enjoy them. Even if you don’t have a respective. There will always be something you love to celebrate this day, as for example, cake.

12/13 “Yes & No” Sweatshirt

If you’re undecided as to love this hoodie will help explain it. “Love me”, to which you can answer Yes or no interchangeably, depending on your mood, the hour of the day or the person asking for you honey.

13/13 Sweatshirt “No, thanks”

You do not want gifts, flowers, chocolates, or boyfriend. You are happy as you are, with your sweatshirt, so “No, thanks”.