Do You like Pants with Shoelaces?

When we saw a Kristen Stewart with his look at one of the appearances of the promotional tour of new moon, wearing those Phi pants with cords twisted on the side really that no one thought that this could be a trend. Rather all assume that it is the bad taste of Kristen still struggling to find its identity and style.

However, if it is another vampireza of fashion who leads them, in this case Kate Moss, I think that jeans lace-up may have something to say in our wardrobe. Whites don’t like me in the least. In itself, I do not think that anyone should dare with white jeans unless it is one less than 36 size and does not mean that it is in favour of the famous size zero.

But, if we see them in black, rather the trend as the show Kate with hair wrap y towering boots noventero rocker undoubtedly say something. We went from grunge to the style metal of the previous decade and then understand because Kate loves to musicians: loves to be a gruppie. Not be to you, but to me this particular trend of ties in jeans I don’t like and I hope not again on shirts to the tormented vampire style at the same time. That’s something vintage that should never to return.