Do You like Lace-Up Booties?

Long short booties took by storm trends and I believe that at this point all have some pair of the type. It can be closed completely, short to ankle, with folds, bends, in colors. There are a variety to choose from. However, it does already also a few months that the blogosphere is seen both on blogs with pictures of street among the celebrities as a trend in the wise art to wear ankle boots: those of laces.

They are a type of style that it exceeded to the oxford shoes, mix them with the spoils and the result were these with an air of Victorian governess who later had said that it would not not dead. However, rather than look like a little girl with flat feet problems, these lace-up booties have become a symbol of style.

The more fashionistas carry them, van perfect with amponas and short skirts, with leggings and shorts. Even look excellent with boyfriend and harem pants. The point is that everything is effortless.

There are several styles, from which you can see most crude with rounded tip and a style that seems to have traveled several hundred kilometers. The Queen of this trend is Alexa Chung with his worn boots and her sense of the fashion as vintage and effortlessly.

But among the models and bloggers also there are more refined, with pointed beaked and cords of the same color. Blacks are the most aided, but also the camel is essential to give a wider range of colors.

If you ask me my opinion, my favorites are the of open toe and apparently so are the models that we see at the entrance of the fashion weeks. But also the more heavy fashionistas carry them. Either in a subtle and classic form as the Steve Madden or a most striking with the famous decorated socks of Miu Miu.

The of Alligator skin they have up to the peaks of the lizard back in your heel. These are more dramatic and I think that more difficult, but sports view.

So, for the end of this year they can do it with one according to your style and taste. Take them with blouses or mini-dresses, tight jeans and short skirts. even with socks which is more like me. Gives it that touch fashion without victim.