Difference Between Retro and Vintage Decor: Choose Your Style

One thing is certain. Both the  decoration retro about  vintag and bring refinement to the environment, in addition to lots of charm with a nostalgic touch. Both allow a re-reading of the past from the combination of old styles, in a contemporary setting. But after all, what’s the  difference  between the  retro style  and  vintage style?

The term  retro, in English, means”back”. This decoration brings elements of the 70 and 80 in your most.

Already the term vintage means”crop of wine” in English, giving the idea that as the oldest”harvest”, the better the quality. This  style  recalls elements of the decades of 20 to 60, and usually qualify something”classic”.

Basically the difference between them is that the vintage is more sober while the retro is playful.

So, you can decorate the room with  wallpaper Retroif you want to bring more elements of fun, and with enough personality, in the style of decades of 70 or 80, or wallpaper Vintage/Classic, if you want to  decorate  the room with classic and traditional elements, with a long  Arabesque.

Here are some ideas of  retro and vintage decorating decor.
The vin tage joined the modern in the environment below. The  wallpaper  and the lamps in  classical style  complete the  decoration.

Give preference to  wood floors  for  vintage decoration  or  retro.

In the case of the dinner table, which can be in the kitchen or in a separate dining room, choose wooden tables and chairs rounded in  50 years style  or upholstered chairs.

In the kitchen, use appliances in  retro style. Today there are several options on the market, although the price is still a little salty. If it is not possible to give a  vintage touch  to the  decoration  using ancient and traditional dishes, windowpanes, fun objects and frames with pictures referring to  vintage or retro style. Decorative Stickers can also be used on the wall, as well as  tiles .

Kitchen with Retro wallpaper application ApliqueFácil.com.

Opt for  Classic style furniture, like a coffee table, sofa or even a bookshelf, which can be filled with books and vinyls.

The  wallpapers are great to give an  intimate touch, old, and full of personality. The Retro wallpapers create a playful environment.

As for the room, the old metal or wooden beds, with own design and characteristic, are the best options. A chest at the foot of the bed, in addition to giving you more room to store your stuff, will also give a  vintage touch.

Room with Vintage/classic wallpaper ApliqueFácil.com

For the  bathroom, use an antique mirror, with a beautiful frame or Cabinet, that you find in an antique shop.

A wall full of pictures, especially in black and white, with ancient and colorful frames will bring the  vintage style  to your living room, as well as mirrors with beautiful frames or a combination of both. Are also great ideas  pictures and posters of inscriptions and ancient, as advertisements of years 50 or pin-ups .

Or even bottles painted with flowers give the final touch.