Diamond Collection of Coco Chanel

Chanel – ring “Shooting star” – 18 ct white gold with a round-cut diamonds by 2 carats and 141 different cuts of a total of 6.8 carats diamonds.

In November 1932, presented Coco Chanel her only Diamond collection, inspired by the twinkle of the stars in the Parisian night sky. 80th anniversary fashion house recalls now with a new interpretation of the original piece of jewelry the “Bijoux of Diamonds”. The new series, which simply “1932” is named as a tribute to the birth year includes a total of 80 creations.

It should have taken place in the rue Suburb Saint-Honored, is thus narrated: Mademoiselle Coco has loaded in their private rooms. the Parisian society eagerly waiting for a premiere – the first diamond collection from the House of Chanel. And the Big Dame of the fashion world knows how to stage: not in the usual jewelry boxes, but on wax busts she shows her sparkling creations. The inspiration for the “Bijoux of Diamonds”, so can be later like they quote themselves, have to owe the starry sky on the Fields-Elysees, which had enchanted them during a walk.

Gems with Concept

Star necklaces, loop chain, fringed jewelry: You wanted to decorate women with stars, Coco said Chanel about their collection, which puts an exclamation point with its variety of white gold and diamonds have never seen until then. But it is not only the beauty of the pieces of jewelry that inspires. As in the couture Chanel’s sense of the practical is also reflected in the gems. And so she demonstrated that evening in November 1932, as a necklace can be transformed with a few steps in brooch and bracelet. Collier, that will become the designer’s personal favourite is the “Comet”.

Star Rain of Diamonds

80 years later now presents the fashion house Chanel new interpretations of the legendary collection – and dazzle like already the originals the gems by technical finesse. So you can be the jewel of “Cosmos” by a clock to the wrist turn, pushing a star above the dial. But even without such practical details, designs by imaginative handling impress with the world of the stars. There is a Pearl to the planet, around diamond drag their shiny cars; brooch “Celestial” like a star rain pour the sparkling stones of the “Shooting star” Colliers in the cleavage of wearer.

On a piece of jewelry, Coco would have had Chanel probably enjoy very special, because it has their zodiac sign – and favorite animal – on the subject: a lion from glittering quartz polished on a diamond Comet and a stunning 32 Carat yellow diamond perched on a Necklace necklace.

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