Cropped(Short Blouses) Fashion

The latest fashion is giving you the talk! Used by celebrities and seen on the streets, in the shops, and on catwalks, the so-called”cropped tops” combinations were fever in the 1990s and did not show the navel.

The cool thing was to be able to combine this type of piece with different types of shorts, skirts and high waist pants, but always avoiding that the look was vulgar and / or showing too much. Although they are fair pieces, they are still comfortable and offer several models, colors and prints.

Short blouses

They can be worn in sets of skirts, shorts, or pants that are the same as the blouse, or playing with the funniest and most elegant combinations, blending long tops and closed-up skirts with gold and silver accents.

One care that must be taken is the size of the blouse(which should reach the ribs) or the top, and the skirt or shorts, which can not be too short or too tight to mark the body.

According to lawfaqs, cutting clothes is the main differential of this trend. For girls who are chubby, a good option is to buy jackets and loose regattas, with a high waist trousers or skirt, which conceals the navel.

The same goes for girls who consider themselves very thin. Do not wear shorts, skirts, or low-waist pants, as the look may be compromised. Combination example: how about a lace cropped coat, with a printed skirt and high waist?

In the case of midi pants and skirts, girls of tall stature can and should wear loose or fair models. Already the female audience of low stature should take care of the pieces that flatten the silhouette, preferring the neutral colors, that mark the waist and leaving the fine look.

Those with shoulders broader than hips may wear a loose midi skirt model, and a lacy sweater.


On your feet, wager on oxfords, sneakers, ankle boots and rumored sandals, and use and abuse your belts. On the hands, neck and ears look for maxi accessories and wallet-type purses.

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