Comfortable Heels For All Occasions

I’m very go in heels, I love them, what’s more, when I put a shoe drawing me is up to strange to walk. However thousand years not I put a very high stiletto heel (I am so expert), I can’t take it, my tobillin is so delicate and it turns so often that I’ve caught them panic.

But in the wonderful world of fashion (daily democratic) there are plenty of options for lovers of middle heights, if it’s cool you go with heels, but without going over, keep reading…

It is most likely that these heights are cansadisimas of the requetevistos bicolor Chanel shoes. But dear friends, we must not get angry, they have returned us made comfort heel, thanks to the seguidisima trend, we have plenty of medium and thick-heeled shoes (vivaaaaaaa!!)

And as I like to share my excessive consumerism, I bring you a small selection of mid heels , sorted by price.

For More Than 150 Euros:

Be very noticeable that I am in love with the Wizard of Oz? Yes, truth? It is that I see a red or glitter shoe and I was going with the ojichis…

With the reds from Chie Mihara I almost cry, die by the dorados of Ashley and the pink velvet by Asos have me crazy. A selection designed for lovers of the original shoes (and with a good Visa).

Less Than 100 Euro:

If you like so much as my model Tango de Valentino are lucky, Amancio is expert in clones and Massimo Dutti website can get their twin brothers at a much cheaper price.

But as yours is the discretion with an original touch, this Black Shoe with Ribbon colors is perfect. A truqui to avoid the remorse for the price, are black (will they stick with almost everything) and I change to give more use, the tape by some of a color that match the outfit of the day, so you have a different shoe every time.

Less Than 30 Euros:

With these prices do not guarantee that they are comfortable but it is worthwhile to try it…

Because if for less than 30 euros are off-road, elegant and discrete shoes like these with bow in nude of Zara or the simple and classic blues of La Redoute, you can feel so lucky as the last Winner Of The Euromillions.

And for more special occasions, you find this cucada all brilli brilli at Zara or a little more discretitos but just as monkeys, these garnets, from la Redoute (Yes, Yes, I love the glitter…)